Punishment Ideas Thread

Some of us in chat came up with some punishment ideas and decided to start a thread. Post any ideas you have!

Punishment ideas from chat:

[ul][li]Draft a team of 6 creatures before entering a realm (like arena)[/li]
[li]Disable all beneficial effects from cards (useful for testing especially)[/li]
[li]Creatures cannot equip artifacts that have traits[/li]
[li]Spell gems can only be cast manually[/li]
[li]Player cannot cast spells[/li][/ul]

A bunch more ideas

[ul][li]Your creatures can only equip 1 spell gem[/li]
[li]Your spells cost resources when triggered (i.e. mana/health)[/li]
[li]Your stat increasing abilities are based on Base Stats rather than Current Stats[/li]
[li]Enemies cannot lose stats[/li]
[li]Player cannot gain stats[/li]
[li]Enemies never attack each other[/li]
[li]Enemies randomly steal traits at start of battle[/li]
[li]Player gains no benefit from runes[/li]
[li]Enemies receive benefits from your runes[/li]
[li]The action queue cannot be manipulated[/li]
[li]Enemies only take damage from attacks and spells[/li][/ul]

Also, anything currently on sigils would be easy punishment material.

Silence - Imps and Other Quest Creatures No Longer Talk (faraway enclave imps are really annoying)

Definite yes to silence. Or at least a skip button. I always ignore those imps because the slowdown to realm clear speed is just not worth it.

Serendipitous - Randomises monster tier unlocks (like the original S1 random monster mode). Whereas a pure random mode might break at the start and limit breeding, i think this would work as a punishment because by the time you unlock the alter you already have access to enough of a roster that diversity wouldnt be an issue.

RNGesus - Occasionally causes mutant (random) egg hatchlings other than what the combination should be.

Hardcore - One life only, no res. If a monster dies it stays dead. Note: needs to have a failsafe so a player never has 0 creatures.

Rags or riches - material gains from victory are randomised to between 1/10 to 10x normal rates.

Immunity - the party & mobs are immune to all buff/debuffs.

Aye. But extend it to all the misc. realm object messages. After you see them all 50 times, let alone 50,000, there’s no need to see them anymore. No text on mushshrooms in jungle, blood pools in kingdom, etc. Skipping it all would be swell.

Highlander - There can only be one… of each type of spell gem, trait, artifact base type etc in a party.

Deserted: There are no enemies in a realm, but you have a chance to encounter a really powerful enemy per step (10x enemy realm level perhaps)

Although I’ll admit this will be useful in speeding through artifact realms and more rapidly increasing max realm depth.

Teleportation: The teleportation shrine spawns beside you upon entering a realm.

Warp: Warp to the next nether boss, but it is 5x higher level than normal.

Some type of hard enemy or challenge to progress through. Since this would be used for when the player is too powerful for their current realm depth.

Punishment - Gene strength scales benefit from artifact stats rather than directly giving bonus stats to your creatures.