Pureblood & Lonewolf

So I have both and I’m trying to figure out the best set up for my party. I originally started with Chaos, but thought Nature looked interesting. It took me awhile to realize Pureblood is working, but my Lonewolf was too. I currently have the starter and 3 hunters. Has anyone else played with the stat set up on these? Any feedback would be appreciated.

On a side note, I noticed the creatures available when you start the game are random, at least 1 of them is. I reset until the changeable creature was a hunter as I wanted one at the beginning. It’s a pretty variable range of what you can get.

I’m really having fun with this game. It reminds me of dragon quest monsters, the first two, which were my favorites. I played Siralim 1 on the Vita, but that screen is so small… I love it on the Switch.

Pureblood is the easiest to make use of for Nature Mages. You really like racial parties (all of one type or another) since Forest Pact boosts racial traits by an honestly ridiculous amount, essentially giving you 50% more creatures than you actually have in your party for the purposes of those traits. Just by having a party like that, since a family-specific party will always have only one class by default, Pureblood will give you a fat stat bonus.

Lone Wolf is much more specific in usage. The stat increases are nice, but the real gem is, with only one monster, becoming immune to debuffs; which means Lone Wolf play is about finding the nastiest tank you can, making it a Nether, and then watching it cross-counter every monster that touches it into oblivion. Creatures that do nasty things when attacked are your main choice here.

Funnily enough, Ugat, the Nature starter, is probably the best Lone Wolf choice. It massively boosts its own stats whenever attacked or attacking, and just tossing Lone Wolf and the Paradigm trait on it will curbstomp most of the base game for you.

Hybridization, the one that wants all different classes, is much more niche, but exists to let you mix and match much stranger parties without taking a penalty for inventiveness.