Purgatorian Tanukrook Bugs?

So I’m not sure what’s happening, but lots of weird things are happening with my Purgatorian build, mostly on Tanukrook’s turn.

First, there’s a serious slowdown on the kills/stat stealing (when stat gains aren’t prevented) though I have stat gain display disabled, though it may be happening when he can’t gain any more of the stats. Looking at the History I really can’t understand because it shows the Petra & Aes stat gain, then says a ton of “Tanukrook has gained this stat too many times this turn” before showing any more stat gains?

Second is with all the casts of Murder of Crows, many of which are 0, eventually they stop showing anything at all, and after that when Tanukrook actually gets to take his turn, he can’t actually do anything, if he attacks or casts a spell, it plays his animations but no numbers appear at all and they seem to have no effect. I’m unsure if it’s because there’s a limit to how many times things can cause damage/target enemies or what, since there’s no indication of what’s happening when looking at the History or anything…

I really don’t understand what’s going on, but if it’s intentional I’ll probably just leave off some of the Purgatorian Perks to make it work better, like I do with my Blood Mage, but it seems strange.

Oh, and it’s version 0.8.10 on Windows.