PvP arena

My favorite part of most games is the competition aspect… why not make an arena type thing where a player can start a Que to face another player?

Maybe allow them to bet legendary materials or resources? Exalted emblems or arena points.

Maybe have a ranking system where you get some type of daily prize for your ranking?

There’d need to be a way to standardize the competing parties, so that my level 258 creatures don’t get stomped by your gang of level 962 Neather Demons with ungodly Artifacts and more Pills than a retirement home pharmacy.

Also, I believe I already presented the suggestion of a PvP aspect some time ago, and nobody seemed interested.

In the PvP lock all the monsters stats to what they would be if level 100

That way it’s purely team setup and the time/strategy put into getting/making nethers

It’s not workable, because then the same thing would happen thanks to Imbued Nether Orbs / better abilities from Tome rerolls / more points dropped into Creature perks.

Also, I’m just really not a PvP guy. Never been my scene.

I think the single player experience is kind of stuck in the single player experience now. You can compare power by stats, how far you go, etc… But there’s too much variation to really have any decent competition.

If you really wanted a PvP mode, you could probably put in a closed pack tournament type of situation. Each player could choose 12 random monsters (they would choose the class, just like the random arena cores, but otherwise it would be random). Then depending on the power level you wanted the fights, you could give 1-6 random legendary enchants, 2-12 random rare enchants, and probably unlimited common enchants. Artifacts would probably be L5. Let the players create their artifacts with those. Set the creature levels at L250. Then let the players go at it with those teams.

That’s the best I can think of for making PvP work at all in the game. Otherwise, you might have to wait for Siralim 2 :).

QNE has a good suggestion. Level balance to 100 (or whatever arbitrary number you want to pick) would seem to work. Yes it will never be exactly fair because people will distribute their royalty points differently, but that’s actually a good thing as it gives the player another thing to work towards if they so want to. Nearly every game that contains PvE vs PvP enables players to make their choices that impact their desired preference (and Siralim already contains the ability to respec if you so desire). If somebody knows that they are more interested in PvP, then they would build their team and distribute their points differently than someone who is interested in PvE. It’d be interesting to see how it would be implemented and it would definitely be fun to try.

The problem with something like this is pills and nether orbs.

Picture this:
I have a green orb with 40 gems and 15 activations.
I make an all emerald Nether Demon Mortarman.
I use all my pills on him, adding an additional 32 base attack, around 30 to all defences, 42 luck 37 speed and 28 health.

Basically, Ive doubled all my base stats as well as increased my attack by way more than 10fold, probably around 20 times original value.
Say, for simplicity, my mortarman got his combat stats increased as follows:

Lvl 1:
30 health -> 69 health
40 attack -> 800 attack (which is possibly lowballing it with such a strong orb and pills)
20 speed -> 68 speed
20 luck -> 74 luck
and so on.

Now, lets look at my lvl 100 nether demon mortarman:

6900 Health
80000 Attack
6800 Speed
7400 luck

Compare that to a non nether mortarman:
3000 health
4000 attack
2000 speed
2000 Luck

The differences are rather large, wouldnt you say?

A pvp system in siralim will never end up balanced while allowing you to choose your own team. For a working pvp system we would have to level the playing field, which means removing artifacts, possible nethers / nether demons and pills. Basically gutting the best part of the game (the costomization aspect).

That’s a good point. I’m rather new so a lot of the mechanics still escape me, but your points are valid. Regardless, there must be possible mechanisms to achieve a PvP system even if the answers are not obvious. That is to say, if the devs actually wish to implement something of that nature in the first place (which is the real question I suppose).

Well, there’s 2 ways to go with it. You can either have a fairly strict setup that balances most people to keep the fights as balanced as possible. Or, some of us would have some fun pitting our uber-powerful teams against each other just to see what would happen. But there’s problems with both. For the balanced system, Cephyric put it well in his last sentence. It just takes away most of what the game is. And even for those of us who might have some fun seeing how our teams would do against each other (even though I’m 300 dungeon levels away from some of the people I would fight), we’d probably only do it a few times, then we would be bored. It’s probably not worth the resources for that.

But I’m sure Zack will consider the idea for Siralim 2. It’s best to choose at the beginning of a game whether it will be single, multi, or hybrid (hybrid being very hard to do well).

I don’t think we’ll ever see traditional PvP in any Siralim game, honestly. I already get barraged with angry messages and e-mails every time I rebalance certain abilities, and I can’t imagine what it would be like if we introduced competitive elements such as PvP into the game. Not to mention that it would be really easy to cheat, so that would be time-consuming to try to prevent as well. I’d rather focus on making Siralim a high-quality single player game with pseudo-online functionality such as trading and leaderboards.

Balancing pvp is always a pain, but if it ever does show up, i think one way to avoid most of the issues is to have the teams that fight against each other be stored online. These teams should be created from a predefined selection of creatures (or through selecting stat priorities or something) and artifacts / materials. And they should be at a given level. This way the pvp fight is more about using knowledge to create setups / counters rather than stat-brutes and cheating. It would also be easier to separate pve and pvp, possibly banning certain abilities from pvp if neccessary.

If pvp gets added in any future game, i still think pve should be the focus for balance, and let pvp just follow along as an optional mode, where there is no focus on rewards, but rather just having some fun.