QoL for streamlining play

After more than 150 hours of play, I have multiple suggestions to streamline overall play.

  1. All interact-able objects should auto-self-destruct when no longer relevant. Currently, it’s inconsistent - some always do, some do when selected again, and some never do. For example, treasure chests that start on the map (currently require second select), totems in Azure Dream (currently can’t destroy), Fires in “A Favor For No One In Particular” quest (currently require second select), etc. Most such objects already self-destruct; the few that don’t are an irritation.

  2. Option to make certain treasures not appear in treasure lists but still be granted, i.e. filtering. For example, “handful of brimstone” is definitely a desirable item in treasure chests, but it clutters up the list and makes it slower for me to see more interesting items. This would be similar to the garbage can, but it would just not skip displaying the items, not delete them. If all treasure is filtered (e.g. a treasure box that only gives handfuls and filtering for handfuls is turned on), it would just popup “all treasure filtered” white text and not display the treasure box at all. Note: This would be especially helpful for those resource nodes which currently popup a box just to say “handful of granite” - an rather silly way to interrupt my play. I’d really rather just see white hovertext that says “all treasure filtered”; personally, I never care which resource I just got in the node and just want to keep playing.

  3. Prophecies should be listed in the upper right as very short summaries below quests, e.g. “Riddles”, “Treasure Chests”, “Resource Nodes” (used for either/both node count and resource count), “Erebyss”, “Realm 205”, “Itherian 61”, etc. Right now, I select that “Quests” menu item way too often.

  4. Enchanted Brazier should list the knowledge level for each creature (or at least have the option to do so). When I have slaughter knives, I keep switching between my Knowledge list and the Enchanted Brazier until I find a creature that both has low knowledge (e.g. ‘F’) and I have at least one core to summon it with.

  5. The Arcane Refinery should allow conversion of one type of dust to other random types of dust with a cost (e.g. essence and/or less total dust as output - similar to crafting material conversion). Some of the dust types are useless for my playstyle.

  6. The “Identify Creatures” spell should grant a tiny amount of knowledge points about enemy creatures. The spell is incredibly useless right now.


Thank you for the suggestions!