QoL Improvements

There are quite a few Quality of Life improvements that would be great for building new teams:

[ol][li]Ability to search artifacts for certain traits. I can rename them, but it’s a pain to do so without being able to use the keyboard.[/li]
[li]At the merchant, show the amount of items you have. For example, show if you have a legendary material or not: Marbled Crest (0). [/li]
[li]Ability to target certain materials. Maybe a chefs buff where you can increase the probability of finding a legendary material? Or a material like heirloom of invisibility? I don’t want it to be too easy, but at the same time, not being able to try out a new team because you have 180 legendary materials, but not the one you need, is frustrating. Save and reload is not my favorite…[/li][/ol]

[ul][li]Also, add the number of cores you have when buying from a deity: Inox Apocalypse Core (0)[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Ability to sort summoning alter by amount of creatures in the stable[/li][/ul]

EDIT: Also, I’m Mage Level 311, so I don’t think these improvements should be early game. But at this point, I’ve gotten to Realm Level 100, so I’ve just gotten unlucky on some of the materials I’m missing.

Sigils are the way to target materials.

But you can’t target a certain one right? I’ve got 11 full pages of legendary materials, just not the two or three I need.

You do get the one from the boss in a primal sigil, as far as I know.

Thought it was only 100% if it was level 10? I can barely beat 3’s, so it’s 30%.

Get the Sigil Frequency perk, it’s only 25 points and you’ll push it to 55%.

Wow good call. I actually thought the increase was exponential, so I hadn’t bothered.