QOL - Realm Progress "quest" - in-realm items list, realm completed notification

Add a permanent “quest” to the quests menu that shows in progress in-realm “mini-quests” or whatever they’re best called. The “quest” could be called something like “realm progress”.

Basic functionality would be that whenever it is selected as an active quest, it shows on your screen like the realm quests (or whatever you have selected as active). When you pick up a spell gem fragment or a treasure map or whatever, the quest will display “Treasure Map found” or “2 Spell Gem Fragments found”, “3 Conch Shells found”, etc.

The “Realm Progress” quest would only display things where you had begun but not completed the “mini-quest”, meaning you would have to pick up the first spell gem fragment before it added itself to the list, and after you got the last fragment or dug up the buried treasure, the entry would be removed from the description. It would not list any in-realm stuff besides things that work on a two-part or multi-part basis (meaning it doesn’t need to list how many breakables are left unbroken or whatever).

Finally, when a realm has been fully cleared (every interactable interacted with, every roaming monster defeated), provide some sort of notice to prevent having to do the one last lap to figure out if there’s any missing stuff. The notice could either come in the form of updating the “Realm Progress” quest text to say something like “realm fully cleared”, or could come in the form of a message from the realm’s deity along the lines of “THANKS FOR FINISHING !%#^ING CLEANING MY WHOLE ROOM”.

Basically, please help me stop forgetting there’s buried treasure every single time (even with the note on the map), please help me stop worrying I’m at 4/5 weapon fragments and that I accidentally missed some fork in the corridor way back earlier. Thanks!