Queen Robin's Wonky Conquers - Purple Power

Entry 1

Pure Rage, her trusty Fallen Carnage companion had just melding into a gelatinous ooze which bore the eggs of the more powerful Sir Rageous. It kills with no remorse and devours it’s flesh to regenerate its limbs. He grew eerily fond of his fellow companions Blue Faith (Venalin Seraph), Bonestick (Asura Bonebreaker), Kayjax (Inox Apocalpse), Lighter (Sphinx Justicar), and Golden Nom (Thrasher Fiend). Together they had critically killed their way to depth 24 and knew in their bellies it was time to get stronger. Sir Rageous thought eating the castle’s cats would do the trick but Robin bellowed

“No! You shall not for they pull back our fallen souls from the depths of the abyss.”
Instead Sir Rageous clawed out his own stomach and placed in on the Alter of Blood. The Groups eyes went blurry but they saw a vision of glory and plunder.

Robin had many creatures at her command but she desired more. Always extracting and summoning with a roaring laugh. After pouring a few pulsating cores in the shrine she stomped her way to other realms to attempt to finally gain respect from Aeolian God of the Wind.

Entry 2

Aeolian was still mysteriously in the wind. On her journeys she had come across a brilliant Ruby which strengthened the health of her creatures. It was time to venture into deeper realms.

Robin and Rageous overcame the gullible golem on depth 27 after finally finding enough feathers for Aeolian. The God of Wind graciously gave her one more servant to her cause. The team was still strong against their foes although those that made lacerations of bleeding caused especial pain.

Still strong over the enemies to level 31 Robin pointed her grizzled staff covered with the blood of battles fought. The Unguided taunted her and said the worst was yet to come. Let the battle commence. The enemies quickly overcame the team except for Lighten who was fat and not easily damaged. We would have to get more powerful spells before the enemy could focus their minds.

The Unguided was indeed not guided for he brought a much weaker team the second time Robin tried with new spells since all of them cost no mana. She was victorious and almost level 50! She was eager to gain godly power from the orbs.

Entry 3

Queen Robin had saw in a vision that hunters may give her great strength. Although unsure he put Bonestick on holiday and raised a fine Hunter. So far she has yet to see his potentional but she had but one. Fighting Judgement and Mercy would test his metal. Unfortunately they all failed together and the cats Frank and Beans had to drag the dead souls of her minions back from the afterlife. What was this “Bombardment?” How was she to defeat it? It was going to take a new strategy.

Robin reincarnated Lighter into a Sphinx Healer to out heal the enemy. This wasn’t the best strategy for she had to battle relentlessly to defeat Judgement and Mercy. Somehow Rageous and Golden Nom survived long enough to destroy the enemy in it’s entirety. Thank goodness Robin’s nemises the Pitworm was not in the battle.

Entry 4

Misery faced her in his cobweb covered castle. She called her the evil one, but what did she care? She would greedily use the power of the gods to defeat him just to be better than the greatest.

Kayjax was the first to fall under Misery’s Sword, as usual, but the team could heal almost 50% every turn and her godly servants came to her service soon enough anyways. Then she chipped away at Misery while he could do nothing but watch. She killed him slowly, claw by claw. Finally his orb of power was hers. She was God. She could do as she would.

She wanted a purple team. Why? Because Kayjax the Inox Apocalypse whispered constantly in her ears with his many heads. Or so she thought. Such is the way of chaos.

Seriously…I have no idea how to beat the boss on level 35. I guess I need more speed? I tried again and was just demolished.
I tried many more times and eventually got it! I didn’t realize you could try that many times in a row.

So begins my journey to find monsters mostly with the color purple to go with the purple cloak. I like the different mage cloaks but it’s creepy it has no face.