Queen Toxon's Very Secret Diary ((It really isn't a secret, you should read it))

[i]**OOC: This will not be a spoiler-free log. Comments and Questions are welcome
I do use Time Daddy as a joke. It’s not my personal view on Vertraag, I promise.
Also, I do draw all of Queen Toxon’s doodles with a mouse on the computer, but I promise I am a much better artist than what I’m having my character draw in her journal. T_T

I’m really just writing this to have fun, I hope you all have fun with me!**[/i]
[size=24pt]•Entries 1-10•[/size]
[spoiler][size=15pt]Entry 1[/size]
[spoiler]Dearest Diary,

The strangest thing has happened to me. I’m very suddenly queen of a nation called Siralim after a very sudden and weird conversation with a being who I assume was a god.
I am using the words ‘sudden’ because I’m still a little hazy on why I have such a small castle and everyone is acting like I’ve never done anything like this before. I haven’t–Yes, but mind you… I just do not feel like this was a smooth drop from wherever I was before till where I am now a queen.

I am a mage too, and I have this trusty beast called a Sand Giant–he is very useful. If he gets hurt, he mends himself. Helps out being made out of a material that is all around you.

Now, not only do I have this Sand Giant, am a Queen, a Mage, but I am expected to leave my castle and go out into the world–and find more monsters like my sand giant as well as talk to gods. I am a bit… how do I put this?
There’s no words for my confusion.
However, I will be the best I can be!
[size=15pt]Entry 2[/size]
[spoiler]It has been… how many days? I hardly keep track. Sleep isn’t an option anymore. My monsters sleep when other monsters make them–but what is rest, exactly?
I have vague thoughts that it used to apply to me, but I guess that once you start talking to Time Gods, and breeding specters that sleep becomes something only gifted to creatures and Gods of Fortune.

Or maybe it started when I started with the specters. They’re these purple ghosts things, that hold what appears to be an unborn human child.

It frightens me.
But I am drawn in like a moth to the flame–they are amazing in battle. They weaken those whom they attack, and I have found fights to be very easy because of them.
Every egg I hatch of them, they become more and more frightening in power.
They took me all the way down to 15 and with them and two lepers, I managed to finish off the slime.

They want me to head down 19 floors? lands? What are these places I’m going to even–however, I think I will pause. Not in action, but I am going to explore the options of my other creatures.[/spoiler]
[size=15pt]Entry 3[/size]

Dearest Diary,
As queen I find it low of me to step over the bodies of those who died on the road. I will loot them, but I will not step over their bodies and dishonor them–even if they possibly stop me from getting to the shrine to return home.

After managing to find my way around the human remains and locating the shrine, diary, you’ll never believe who I found!

Vertraag, the God of Time. He is so… fatherly. Very helpful, very kind, super handsome.
Father time gives an older appearance in my mind than what he looks like.
He’s like, Time Daddy. I mean, the way he stands, holds himself. Like, please sit in front of my fireplace reading the paper while I cross stitch at your feet, sir.

—Oh no, he’s a god, though. Diary, he cannot read you, can he? He probably can. Well, as long as I don’t slip up and call him Time Daddy to his face, clearly everything will be fine! You know, the ol’e ‘if I don’t bring it up, you don’t bring it up’ deal.

Then today just keeps getting worse.
I went down two more levels, only to get my butt handed to me by my own runaway creatures.

I don’t stay down for long, however. I took the trip back home as a chance to hit up the enchanter, and will be applying some traits to my level ten weapons. This means I have started more rituals. Which means more blood must flow from my enemies to please whom ever these rituals are pleasing.
Anyways, as I sated my blood lust, guess who got to be better friends with Aeolian?
This queen!

Aeolian just made me the fastest queen around!
I just wish he would quit losing his feather.

Okay so when I was first sent back to the castle because my own creatures were being jerks–and I was upset about my day, well I’m not upset anymore. After getting back into the field and becoming better friends with Aeolian, I also got to see Vertraag again!
I just adore him so much I even drew a picture of him with glasses and a pipe!

But I do think I make a better queen than artist.

As queen it’s also my duty to find out how deep I can go with some monsters before they start to become what I would say is useless.
My team from earlier today had two anguish banshees, two addled lepers, and two abyssal specters. Sadly, my banshees started to–in as politely as a queen can write–crap out at floor 10. Which is appalling as they are both Level 19 +2 and level 18. This should not have been an issue.

But it was, and it cost me my power balance-- Not before I managed to get all the death needed for the three rituals I had stacked.

We shall, maybe tomorrow see how far a +6 anguish banshee can last.
[size=15pt]Entry 4[/size]
[spoiler]Dearest Diary,

Today I decided to leave my specters at home and try out the bone reapers I’ve been collecting. I got them from breeding a few creatures together and after I hatched one, I started seeing them in the wild. From there I have a small army of possibly not as cool as they look creatures.
See, this is how I do things–I take creatures and run them starting at floor 1 to as high as I can go until the monsters just aren’t doing any damage anymore.
Then I breed them. From this method, I have an Abyssal Specter at gene strength 27. I could go higher, but I need to take a break from the fetus ghost, they’re just messing with my head.

While I was out, I found the coolest item!

Do you know who loves ice cream? Vanilla ice cream? Starts with a C and ends with a T!

However, before I had a chance to give away the ice cream, there was a few more tasks I had to complete–one of them was by the suggestion of Vulcanar.
To collect bones in order to assist my creatures in learning about death.

It is a bit ironic, since all my creatures right now are Death Class creatures.

I had also discovered a bounty out on my head today! 30,000 crystal!
Could you imagine? I have ten times that in my horde–King Misery, I am worth much more than 30,000 crystal.
Anyways, wouldn’t offering something like Brimstone make more sense? I can hardly ever keep enough Brimstone on hand.

Also something I discovered while out in the field today–I was using my banshees wrong! They steal mana when they attack–meaning they are going to crap out if I don’t supply them with magic to use!
Having realized this, I have set them with spell gems and items that do raise their attacks, and their intelligence–and before I went back out into the wilds I did set up a few artifact rituals to ensure my little mana eaters will will always have some magic at hand for them.

I even drew one!

I do love my banshees now that I know how to make them the strongest around.
It is thanks to them I learned that Murder of Crows can attack enemies while they are invisible. This is really useful!

What isn’t useful is forgetting what creature has the Wild Stabs trait and defending while the enemies are invisible.

At least I know I can still fight that boss monster!
Toxon out!
[size=15pt]Entry 5[/size]
I fought Shackler–like I fought other monsters before him.
He said things in the battle as I tried to figure out just how to kill his helpers–he really played at my doubts. Top, Right, Left. Top, Right, Left. Everything he said I will throw off a cliff.

My people do trust me, even though I’m so lost about what I’m doing.
After the battle, something strange did happen too.

I’ve been finding these things called Nether Orbs. Even Time Daddy has mentioned them to me. Apparently I might join the Gods in power. I can feel that power. I was treating everything until now as if it were just some kind of dream, but it feels all to real now.

I’m scared.
I’m scared of the creatures I’ve surrounded myself with. I’m scared of my people. I’m scared of the Gods. I’m scared what waits for me one floor down.

But I will command my creatures, diary.
I will lead my people.
I will honor the Gods.
I will destroy all who oppose me.

However I cannot topple mountains.

I was forced to leave quests undone because of a stupid mountain today.

Also, I have worked out how to perfectly fit in my Anguish Banshees for a winning team. Murder of Crows becomes more and more of a lifesaver. The best version of the spell gem is the one that reduces mana usage, casts twice, and has a chance to cast every time my creature is hit.
What I have also done is set up another creature with Dark Enchantment–that will give my Banshee multi cast.

I do feel thankful that today was uneventful.

[size=15pt]Entry 6[/size]
[spoiler]Today I was tasked with checking out shipwrecks.

I suppose it could be just a simple mission, but as I searched through them my mind began to race. Where are the people; did they die? Or are they lost out at sea on a lifeboat somewhere? Why haven’t I ever seen a boat actually out on the waters during my travels? Have I ever been on a ship? Were these ships owned by the imps or other creatures?
I will never know. My questions like these to those around me, Diary, they go unanswered. This world I am in…is very small.

Diary, I also learned today that I should perhaps equip my Addled Lepers with artifacts that give better defensive stats.

They do not have a very high base stat, which makes sense, he and his others all look extremely unwell. Their ability to take away buffs from enemies and turn them into boons is unmatched.
It is however matched by how many hits they are unable to take.

However, maybe, as I work on breeding them more and more, they will gain better defense through gene strength, but it might take a lot for them to get there. Just like it took until +33 for my Abyssal Specter to start gaining health from gene strength.

Also! Guess who just gave me the Arcane Vault?

Zonte and I have become good friends as of late, and he decided it was time to let me mash up and make new and improved spell gems. I can hardly wait to try it out—but maaaybe a bit later. I’m a little anxious.
It takes three gems to make a new one, and since I’ve only been using Death creatures lately, I would only cycle through my death spell gems. Which is fine and all, but what about spell gems from other classes?
I plan to experiment.

Before I could even go home and look at it though, Diary, I had to check out something that the tavern keeper, Furness, had asked me to look into. You see, he told me a story of a sea beast that killed one of his friends–and asked me that if I ever ran into it, to get revenge for his own sanity and for his friend.
Well, I found the beast at realm level 23. Deathwalker.

It was a tedious battle. Thankfully I was able to use my Banshee to mark Deathwalker with a curse, and I had artifacts that would inflict him with burn and bleed. It was a slow battle, but I won and avenged Furness’ fallen friend.

Doing this had lead me to another quest–to Realm Death 27.
[size=15pt]Entry 7[/size]
I may have started the means on making the best team known to man!

My Addled Leper–perfect for giving beatings.
My Anguish Banshee–Perfect for casting the spells (mostly Murder of Crows).
My Bone Reaper–Mostly there for attack, but if someone is about to die out of my team, he will finish them off to spread the wealth of their stats.
My Agor Apocalypse – He increases Dodge and Critical for my creatures the longer the battle goes on, but I also have him set with an artifact that has the Burst of Power trait. With that he will sometimes cast fight ending moves when he is hit or if he lands a hit on an enemy.
My Andolion Seraph-- He, when he provokes, will sometimes send all the enemy creatures to the bottom of the action queue.
My Planetary Amaranth – She increases the defense of my creatures!

Okay–this team isn’t the best team known to man, but with them I am learning a bit more about team building.

Now, Diary, you might be asking where my Abyssal Specter is; well I bred’em. Yup, and now I have to do a ritual for her? Him? Well, let’s just say the fetus ghost is cooking something powerful.

Speaking of something powerful, I became better friends with Spider Mom today!
I mean Regalis!

She has sent me a Runemaster–and has told me to call him my slave.

I have yet to talk to him yet.

I might be a queen, but that doesn’t mean I want slaves?! I want people to follow me because I am a great leader with powerful words and wise choices–not because they are afraid Spider Mom’s gonna eat them.

Oh, but I just remembered something about my team! So my Andolion Seraph

I have learned it is a very good idea to NOT have them provoke when there are invisible enemies.
Unless I can find a trait to apply to an artifact that will counter what that does, I will have to remember, but I tend to try and breeze through my battles and sorta, kinda, forget. Heh-he-he.

However, it is really useful, sometimes. It’s not appearing to always work–so I am not sure if he is actually all that great. Perhaps an arcane buff will make him more useful.

When I realized that, I felt it was time to head back to Siralim and actually alter some of my artifacts about–and why not go ahead and actually get some breeding done. My Specter was ready to hatch, with a beautiful gene strength of 45.
That isn’t high enough.

I also decided to hatch all my other eggs as well. I had been sitting on about 50 or so eggs from cross breeding. I am now writing this in between breeding and hatching creatures–and I tell you, I am fearful of meeting many of the creatures in the wild. However, I will be able to work better on making the ultimate team if I have more to chose from.

Now, back to the Seraph–there is a trait that just makes them utterly useless. It’s the Unknown Entity trait. The Andolion Seraph needs to have at least 55% mana to do it’s trick, but it’s unable to do that with the Unknown Entity trait because what that does is it makes everyone’s manas rest 50%. While a good trait for a team of spell casters, it’s not a good one for a team with an Andolion Seraph.[/spoiler]
[size=15pt]Entry 8[/size]
[spoiler]Dearest Diary,
My day started out with a rescue.

Usually I do not mention the small quests I am given from the Gods when I visit their realms, but after saving so many of my people the past week–I am concerned. Why do my people keep going into the wilderness? It is dangerous. The Gods will not help them, only me.

Like, what is Amduloth thinking?! What kind of name is Amduloth?
When I save her, will she go home and tell everyone to stop going down there? Or is me saving them making my people disillusioned?
'Go out into the Wilds! Queen Toxon will save you!"

And this didn’t happen just once, but twice!

Maraeldulmah went and got himself lost too! When did he even get out there? Why didn’t Amduloth say ‘Hey, don’t go out there, you can get eaten.’?

I swear I am not going to save the next person who gets themselves trapped down–out there; where are these realms anyways?

What does the outside of my castle look like? I’ve never seen it.[/spoiler]
[size=15pt]Entry 9[/size]
Before I tasked myself with finding out what the outside of my castle looked like, I decided to maybe finish off the guy waiting for me at Realm Depth 27.
Scylla and Charybdis stood no chance to my team. I finished it in two rounds all thanks to Murder of Crows. I have a trait on one my artifacts that grants it, mana free, to all members of my team.

I was really not feeling the win though, everything has been blurring together. The fights less exciting, my travels less meaningful–until Time Dadd–I mean until Vertraag was in my mind.

Uhhh, he is sort of always in my mind, but this was him talking into my brain.
He seemed really excited, or the connection was a bit fuzzy because he kept slipping in and out, but it was nice to hear from him! He is so kind!

After figuring out that I was being told to go deeper into the depths, I decided to try a few Sigils out before I go. I am very proud of my team! They were all setting at level 31–and managed to defeat a level 33 with 14 gene strength team in a single round.

To some, this is probably nothing, but I am not one to challenge myself. I am not a winner, which is why this being Queen thing is still pretty weird to me–however, I challenged myself this time and I won easily.
I could probably try a higher sigil next time–but lets get that next Nether orb first!

Well, I planned to.
It wasn’t easy–not the fight being hard, I mean… what the thing I was fighting I had to say to me before the fight began.

“Your future is bleak,” The Unguided said in a tone I can’t describe even though the words echo through my mind like a cry in a cave. “Though you may win this battle here and now, soon the true war shall begin within your very own kingdom - you against your people. And on that day, your very worst nightmare will come to life.”

I’m not at all looking forward to having to take piano lessons again. Even though I do not sleep, my mind wonders to a past I am still not even sure is mine and there I am, learning to play the piano with stubby little fingers that were not made to play the piano.

But what does this nightmare have to do with me against my people?
Do my people require me to play music for them now too after they get their dumb butts trapped in the wilds?!
After all the people I have saved, this is the thanks I get?!!!

I did find the fight… all too easy, and he even out leveled me.

His dying words were troublesome too… “you know not what you seek,” and something about the orbs leading to my demise.

Maybe Time Dad ain’t all he’s cracked up to be?

Anyways I headed back out, and guess who isn’t ready to deal with level 60 creatures? This Queen–and there’s also a bunch of new creatures showing up but I’m so under leveled that I can’t extract any of them so I’m going to grind a bit at the lower levels.

Right at depth 1 I ended up in the Kingdom of Heretics, and guess who I gained enough favor with?

War Dad–uh Gonfurian. I am now deified with him, which is sad, I was hoping to reach that with Vertraag first (but then I think he’s up to something shady, so maybe War Dad isn’t so bad).

I show up at his alter and he’s all laughing when he sees me, claiming how good I am at beating people up.
I like to think I am good at it. I’ve about 2000 wins under my belt! I have only lost 10 battles out of that.

Well, after that was taken care of, I returned home to deal with a few rituals I had finished.

One of those rituals was the Arena!
I went in and won all five battles without any of my creatures keeling over!
1250 isn’t really a lot of points, but it’s enough to buy a backup arena ticket in case I screw up next time.
[size=15pt]Entry 10[/size]
[spoiler]I made it to the angels today.
Judgement looked to me and I swear looked into my soul and claimed there was corruption there that I don’t feel.

They told me we didn’t have to fight, and I really don’t want to fight them–then they mention King Misery.
He told them I would arrive for the Nether Orb.

They gave me chances to turn back and I attacked them anyways.

I almost didn’t survive.

It was a tough battle.
[size=24pt]•Entries 11-???•[/size]
[size=15pt]Entry 11[/size]
Sometimes I get tasked with finding creatures of mine that have ran away. This isn’t such a surprise to me, I have about 250 creatures and some of them probably don’t feel very loved and decide to skip town thinking I’ll never use them much for anything. I am not upset.

What does upset me is when I find my creatures, and I don’t own four of six in the group.

I only have a Crypt Bat and a Thrasher Fiend.
Not the weird mana creatures, the lich jerk and that dragon.
What are my creatures doing, running off and hanging out with these guys?!

Anyways, I was doing a lot of work in the Great Pandemonium, trying to work on my relationship with Vulcanar.
It paid off, and Fire Uncle has placed me at deified.

It was a funny conversation.
He called me his great friend, but completely forgot my name!
But then he says he’s joking…
Then he says my name wrong!

He called me Tux-on!

It paid off, however, because after having some fun at my expense like an Uncle would–he increased the amount of power balance I can have. This is wonderful!

Diary, you do remember a few entries ago I was complaining about people getting lost in the wilderness?
Well, it has happened again.
Another citizen, Ladar had gotten himself lost today. Why? How? Do my people not realize I have serious stuff to do?!

I realize now why my people are going to turn against me.

I’m going to stop rescuing them when they make bad choices.

After I recuse Dufrigulus!
Whatever the heck kind of name is Dufirgulus!


What was she thinking, going out here?!




Diary, I am done for the day, I must found Ecio

Forget these people.[/spoiler]

[size=15pt]Entry 12[/size]
Today I had to rescue yet another one of my citizens.

Dafribitin was just out there, in the Frosbite Caverns having a good’ole time getting attacks by creatures. Upon rescuing him, I chatted with the man before letting him run back to the shrine. I found out he’s an actor for a living, and a foolish one at that in my opinion.
“You know what I do hate,” he told me as I walked him to the shrine like a good queen, “I really hate persons in distress, but then look at me? I’m playing a hero in an upcoming play, and I needed to practice.”
“Maybe coming alllllllllllllll the way to relm depth 38 wasn’t a good idea,” I informed him.

His bright green eyes rested on me in a most irritated fashion. “Look, your highness, I thought I could handle it. I’m a very good dueler,” he said with a prideful puff of his chest. I can see it, he’s a short man, but with lanky limps–a nice fencing body. “I have to do it, I had to come out here anyways. My mother, whom I loathe for her criminal ways haunts me with letters insulting by acting ability. I am a great actor, even if I can’t do comedy.”

“Many people can’t,” I agreed, “You shouldn’t let that get to you, or let that get to you.”

We exchanged a few more words before I finally sent him back home.
I should see about having a ritual set up for offering acting classes to my people so they don’t come out here to immerse into their roles.

Not too long after putting Dafribitin back where be belonged, I met yet another citizen; Jarnabyr.

After saving Jarnabyr, I decided to get him into a conversation–which was a bit of a mistake. He was friendly enough, but was kind of angry and waving a goblet about in the air as we talked as if it were a weapon. It had my creatures a bit on edge.
Mostly my Planetary Amaranth who was looking at him like this;

Jarnabyr was kind of upset that I saved him. Turns out he’s an out-of-luck mage and was trying to prove himself. He comes from another country and came here to Siralim because he heard great things about me and my people. After cooling off, he was a bit happier with me saving him. His smile was a bit sardonic, so it is hard to know if his words were real or not.

Anyways I also send him back home with a warning. “Stop coming out here if you’re not prepared to face these creatures.”

After a few more realms with normal quests, I ended up at the Far Away Enclave and was tasked with Shipwrecks again.

I suspect one of the ships I found crashed into Sleepy Uncle and that’s why it’s here.

All my hanging out with Sleepy Uncle did pay off today. He summoned me!

I show up though and he’s all “YOU’VE AWAKENED ME FOR THE LAST TIME”
and I’m all “but you told me to come see you!”
Anyways, I’m now ranked as deified with him and in exhcange I’m supposed to only bother him once-a-day.

Unlikely. If I have to save 5 citizens a day, I can bother him like twice.
[size=15pt]Entry 13[/size]
[spoiler]Dear Diary,
Today I achieved deified with Meraxis.

He was pretty hung over when he summoned me. The God of Bliss had gotten a giant cup and drank himself silly, and now he has a hangover.

I found that remarkable, and still do. The Gods can have hangovers?

Anyways, he gives me his giant wine goblet. You know what it is?
It was a nether goblet.
I can toss things into it.
IT can do stuff.

Speaking of stuff, mainly artifacts, I got on better terms with Pirate Uncle today.

He calls me over, and asks me about artifact realms, and naturally, I’m like “wut?”

So he tells me he knows a guy and sends that guy to my castle–so I have that going for me now.
[size=15pt]Entry 14[/size]
[spoiler]Well, I’ve reached a point that it was time for me to become better friends with the other gods. After getting that goblet, I realized that all the gods owned things that I need to buy in order to use, Diary.
I think this is what the people call capitalism?
I’m not very sure, I’m a Queen, not a politician.

Anyways, this means I am out in the field, and being out in the field means more citizens to recuse. Today I met Ansryth. She works as a servant for someone in my country.
I asked her, “do you really like doing that,” because I’m like, thinking no? Because she’s out here? And almost everyone I’ve had to rescue hasn’t liked their current conditions at all.
You know what she said? You know what she told me?

“I like my job.”
Apparently she likes being around people who have a lot of wealth.


I am laughing, diary, so I am writing it in you.


She then asked if we have any job openings at the castle.


And I’m like, “of course, always need more helping hands about.”

Little does she know, my spending habits are terrible. Siralim is a broke nation thanks to yours truly!

Oh man.
All that trusting is gonna get her in trouble.

I also found an egg today![/spoiler]

i don’t normally find these, and the +20 Gene strength is nice too.

[size=15pt]Entry 15[/size]
Well, Diary, I piqued another friendship today.

Tartarith has a loud way of talking.
“You are my Favorite,” he boomed.
“Keep murdering,” he rejoiced.
“Cause sufferiTartarithng,” he cheered.
“You are horrible,” he shouted that I could feel the innocents leave my soul, faster than a hurricane force wind.

Pain Brother, however, doesn’t realize to me it is all an act. I was freeing his victims, and praying for the souls of those I could not save. The murders I have done, save for in the Kingdom of Heretics have been out of mercy–and in a way, the knights I have slain have been out of mercy as well.

I don’t hunt for sport.
I don’t.
I don’t enjoy this.
I don’t.

[size=15pt]Entry 16 -:diamonds:-HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!-:diamonds:-[/size]

As Queen, I find myself haunted with a lingering sense of self doubt of levels as to which I have never felt before in my life. Before starting on this journey to protect the land my father built I was already daring the question of ‘who am I?’

Yesterday’s encounter with Tartarith bothered me. I’ve already been having doubts–I’ve committed actions for these gods that I never would have done before. Is it because they can talk to me where other people just wish they could? How do my people even accept this? What if I really am a mad woman?

My creatures, though, they support me.
If I was doing something wrong it would show in their eyes.

Their caring, adoring, loving eyes.

Especially my Planetary Amaranth. He cares the most. He cares so much he makes the whole team stronger with his love.
I am reminded of a tattered book I found in my library, a Compendium put together by a King Sirius ( The Compendium, Volume 2 – Planetary Amaranth )

I decided, maybe to visit Vertragg, and Torun.
I’m still unsure of Time Dad, so I stopped by Torun first and did a few things to help him out before he called me over and informed me to make me go away he has talked to my Warlord to expand my radius of locations to ransack for loot.

I don’t know if Angry Uncle really means the things he says to me or not, but I like how candid he is, and I respect that.

Before I went to visit Vertraag, I did find another egg!

An Autumn Aspect with 42 GS. Good day.

Well it was, you see, until Falus went and got herself lost in the wilds.

Falus isn’t a mage, she told me, despite having an interest in my creatures and the ones attacking her–she claims she’s into science. Whatever that is.

She was crazy about my Apocalypse.

Despite her being very tiny, and the Agor Apocalypse being many times her size, she wanted to pet him a lot and I was like ‘no, leave Derric, Kentron, and Orgoplooza alone.’
My Ador Apocalypse is a sucker for attention and does what he wants so you can guess who lost this battle.

Anyways, after sending her off, I felt it was time to go and talk to Vertraag.

It was time to anyways, I had finally become deified with him and he was so excited about everything he said just kind of didn’t reach my ears past him saying I was a ‘just queen.’

It had been a month or so since my father died, but at time, Time Dad reminds me of him, and it being Father’s Day, I wished him a happy one before I parted! Which was… an amount of ‘time’ later. We talked, and I want to say for ‘a time,’ but the moments don’t pass like moments when I’m visiting with him.

[size=15pt]Entry 17[/size]
It’s been a few days since I’ve written, but I haven’t felt like myself, or sure of myself or sure of anything anymore.
After my last entry I felt I was ready to visit King Misery. Maybe this was all a big misunderstanding?

I arrived at the Kingdom of Heretics, right on Misery’s toes, and he was waiting for me in a lair he must have spent hours deciding what looked good where.

Anyways, I’m there and he starts saying things that have taken refuge as doubt in my mind.
“So you’ve finally come,” was the first, and that bothered me because that means he was waiting and that means I was late. I don’t like being late. I was even going to apologize!

Then he brought up all the violence. All the fighting I’ve been doing, all the hacking, all the slashing.
I’d been doing all of that because I needed to get to him, because the Gods told me to.
So I told him that.
“The Gods told me to come here and put an end to you. King Misery I’m going to Kick. Your. Ass.”

Okaaay, I wish I said that.

Instead I went “Uh.” and pointed up.

The man just sort of rolled his eyes and laid into the doubt I’ve been feeling, “the Gods are all in your head.”
I was too shocked to falter, and he took that as me being unconvinced, and threatened to end me and my kingdom.

That isn’t very nice, if you think about it. Someone shows up, and is crazy and you’re going to kill them instead of helping them?

“Rude,” I did say, and he apparently has this thing about listening between the words or something and goes off on this ramble about how I believe I’m the just one and that he’s the evil one.
“I didn’t say any of that–”
“You are gravely mistaken–” He cut me off! And that had me so blinded with rage everything else he said just went over my head.

That’s when the fight begun.

I don’t know what he was expecting when fighting me, my creatures all got in before he did, and he was quickly poisoned. They applied themselves with leech, and then for my war hardened team, we felt it was just a waiting game.
Until we almost had him killed.
“Prepare thyself” he yelled when he took out two of my creatures, and goes on to turn into a really scary beast and gasps “I AM ASCENDED”

I was disturbed and covered my Anguish Banshee’s eyes because I nor her need to see that.

Then I heard it. Heard him. Time Dad–“and on this day, you too shall ascend.” and I was like “I like my skin, though.”

I could feel his expression.
Something like this

He showed up then, with that expression and a Nether Orb, and it ate me.
“It is time, Toxon! The Gods are with you–Finish off Misery once and for all.” Vertraag doesn’t have to tell me that twice.
But it was still strange to me.
I mean all the Gods I have befriended showed up and helped, even Torun.

With their aide, I managed to win the battle.

When I got home to Siralim, it was Vertraag that greeted me, congratulating me, then saying he had his doubts.
But I did it, I saved the world.
And the Gods are indebted to me.
and now I am ranked among them.
I am Toxon, God of Nature.

There was a party, but I don’t remember it.

I just remember thinking, “did I really do the right thing?” I am still thinking that now. I do not feel more like a god than I did before. I have more Nether Orbs than I did before and I don’t even know what to do with them.

This is what being lost feels likes, isn’t it?

A statement echoed through me after Misery was slain.
It is done.
It doesn’t feel done.

but it’s not done, this is only my beginning.

[size=15pt]Entry 18 --◘The Story Goes On◘–[/size]

Around my Castle are these mages, and a while ago, all of them gave me quests, asking for me to give them creatures I had never heard of. “Bring me a Doom Devil, bring me a Priest Visier.”
Like what are these things?
Anyways, Diary, they asked me to do this in the name of sin and virtue.

I decided, why not. Maybe it would be good for me.

It helps the librarian also gave me a task. She mentioned something about a Grimoire–I will have to collect pages I find and hand them into her once I do. These pages I must collect from creatures as I beat them. No problem.

Maybe I’ll get three birds with one stone and wipe out an artifact realm.

Just using this post to put all the Queen’s doodle’s in so if anyone wants to see them all at once without all the diary text—



Summery of Creatures by Queen Toxon thus far:
((Info is in spoiler tags to keep them from cluttering up the page. Images are provided for people who have trouble with names))

[ul][li]Addled Leper

[spoiler]–Needs High Defense Boosting artifacts
–Is really great when coupled with multi strike, as it will take away multiple buffs and turn the buffs into debuffs. [/spoiler]
[li]Anguish Banshee

[spoiler]–Murder of Crows is the best spell for them.
–Other than the Mana Steal, they do tend to be rather useless in a long battle. I keep them from dying, using artifacts that either boost their mana pool, or add auto spell casts or more defenses can aide them in lasting a bit longer.
–Their attack is way too low to ever make them useful past the first few levels. A higher gene level doesn’t seem to help out in this at all.[/spoiler][/li]

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