Query: dryad naturalist and nightmare golem

The dryad has a strictly worse ability than the golem. Usually creatures with similar abilities has different activation conditions but in this case they have the same conditions yet the golem has 100% chance to sleep but the dryad only has 15-90%. Any reason why?

Because no idea. Lol, that’s just their function. Does the naturalist have a higher base attack and speed? The difference could be in stats. The nightmare is also a later tier unlock, right?

I reckon it’s a simple oversight. That or the Dryad was meant to target the entire enemy team with her ability; having a 15% chance to induce sleep on each individual target.

One thing is for sure though. The Nightmare Golem could do with more creatures who care about sleep, in general. Maybe something along the lines of a creature who causes a small amount of damage to sleeping enemies, while healing sleeping allies, or somesuch nonesense.

I would agree that the nightmare golem seems pretty lonely in his sleep camp. That lesser naturalist is about it when it comes to others that deal with sleep whom he synergies with. There are probably one or two more, but I can’t think of them. The djinn Dreamweaver doesn’t count unless he’s on the other team lol.

I just made a comment about this on the team creation thread, but Dreamweaver totally works with Nightmare Golem if you’re also using Pulse Bats. The hilarity of transferring sleep to everyone.

I saw that post! I agree, your combination was such a clever idea. Still, the weaver doesn’t directly benefit him without help from other creatures. But thinking about it, sleep is definitely a portent ability, which is perhaps why is not too common in creature abilities.

I must have implemented this ability while I was half-asleep (har har har…) or something. My original intention for this ability was to give each enemy a 15% chance to fall asleep at the end of their turn, but it looks like that’s not the case. This ability is extremely weak now, so expect to see some changes to it soon.

Sweet! Now those two can really get some synergy going. Can’t wait for the update to test out a build for them.

Has anyone really tried the Nightmare Golem or Dreamweaver/Pulse Bat? I tested both some time ago (2.0.13) and they simply did not work. Both sleep effects got removed immediatly after they were applied.

Isn’t this the Cancerous Smog ability?

When Zack (all hail!) half-sleeps, he sleeps well tight!