Quest for 15 gems

I’ve got the 15 gems, though I’ve enriched quite a few along the way. Thng is, the game refuses to acknowledge I have 15. Could this be because they aren’t all level 1?

Do you have 15 gems of the same monster?
I did the mistake and make 10 of one and 5 of another monster and was refused to finish this quest, too.
But it worked with 15 gems of the same monster later.

Caion is correct. The reason why you’re collecting gems at the moment is to create a Nether Creature, and a Nether Creature requires gems belonging to the same exact creature.

They’re all Wildfire Afreet Gems, as follows:

3 at level 1
4 at level 2
1 at level 3
4 at level 4
1 at level 6
1 at level 7
1 at level 8

Yet my quest to visit the Gem Temple and create 15 gems of the same creature is still active. Just checked again.

Should I put this down in the bugs area?

Are any of those gems enchanted? If so, it won’t count them as an actual gem.

The only thing I did was put them through those shield-like items in dungeons to raise their levels.

Would I be right in thinking I just made a strategic error? ::slight_smile:

Ah, not really a strategic error, just that the quest requirements are too rigid at the moment. It requires all the gems to be unenchanted and of the same level to complete the quest. I’ll make it a little more forgiving in the next patch.

Thanks! I’ll wait for that, then. I just assumed raising those egg levels would be beneficial to the nether creature, and ran with it.

You can finish the quest pretty quickly by simply creating 15 of the same gem in a row. It shouldn’t be too insanely expensive, and you can just use those gems for your next nether anyway.

But wouldn’t the creature I get with the gems listed above be considerably more powerful? And at this point, using 4 creatures in my party who are all about level 40, I’m getting attacked regularly by 5-6 creatures who are pretty tough, and almost always overseen by an invisible antagonist who aids them with magic. I can use any boost I can get. :wink:

Yes, but for the sake of completing the quest, you can just do what I said so you can keep progressing. You don’t have to use the new gems you create for the Nether Creature, you can just hold on to them for later.

I think I’ll take your advice. :slight_smile: