Question about creature levels

Since Zack explained that enemy realm creature levels always match your own, I’ve been wondering if there is any actual benefit to leveling your creatures at all, and more specifically if there’s any benefit to explicitly trying to speed up the process beyond its normal pace.

In other words, are there any creatures that have a fixed level, independent of the levels of your own creatures so that leveling is necessary to face them or could be used to gain advantages over them?

I’m currently lvl 51 and don’t have any nether creatures yet (still trying to make all lvl 9 gems) but if nether creatures gain more stats per level than normal ones, that could also mean a purpose to creature leveling, albeit one that’s limited to nether creatures only.

I know that creature leveling doesn’t require any extra effort but there are ways to speed it up through +xp item bonuses, consumables, realm choices and whatnot so you could put signifcant extra effort in it, that’s why I’m wondering if there’s an actual purpose/advantage to doing so.

(On a sidenote, I must say the updates since I started playing at 1.0.3. or so have been absolutely amazing, Siralim almost became a completely new game, all the changes, balance tweaks, UI improvements etc have been remarkably spot on. It was already fun to play when I started but now I’m having an absolute blast with the changes and it just keeps getting better. Outstanding job!)

Very good question! The advantage to leveling your creatures isn’t as direct as it might be in some games, but it’s still there nonetheless:

When a creature gains a level, its stats increase at a certain “growth rate”. Each creature has a different growth rate for each of its stats. This rate never increases or decreases, so for example a Berserker Fiend might ALWAYS gain 20% (I’m just making this number up) of its base health each time it levels up. By base health, I mean the health it starts with at level 1. At first, these level gains are pretty significant, and the difference between a level 1 creature and a level 3 creature is enormous. But compare the difference between a level 51 creature and a level 53 creature and the difference is quite negligible.

What does this mean? It means that you can go to deeper realm levels because there won’t be as much of a difference in creature strength as you gain more levels. As your creatures level up, you’ll need to go deeper and deeper into the realms to find a greater challenge.

Hopefully this makes sense. If not, feel free to ask questions! And at any rate, it’s great to see you’ve been enjoying the updates! Thanks for playing for so long.

Now that’s what I call a lightning fast response, and in great detail too, thank you for that!

And yes, it’s the one thing I haven’t thought of but it makes a lot of sense indeed.

Now I’m only curious about nether creatures. I imagine they have higher base stats than normal creatures so if stat gain is percentage based, they should continue to become more and more powerful than a normal creature of the same level (e.g. even if they gain say 10% of their base health per level, it’ll be the 10% of a higher base so their relative advantage will keep increasing), is that how it works?

I’m wondering about this part because I read that nether creatures will need significantly more exp to level than normal ones, so while I don’t know how much the diamonds will help, I assume their pace of leveling will still be slower than that of normal creatures. If this were the case, it could make normal creatures outgrow the nether creature through leveling and that can only be offset by the volume of the nether creature’s stat gain.

So my question is - as my party levels up, is the nether creature going to increase, decrease or stagnate in overall power relative to my other creatures? If it’ll decrease due to the faster leveling pace of normal creatures, would it make more sense to periodically dump my normal creatures and resummon them at lvl 1 to make the nether creature more competitive again?

One last related question would be if enemy realm creatures match the nether creature’s level the same way as they do with normal creatures - e.g. if my party has a lvl 5 nether creature, the enemy will have a lvl 5 normal creature to match it? Or will they get a nether creature too (or perhaps some other bonus)?

You are correct. Nethers have higher base stats than normal creatures, so they’ll always be more powerful than normal creatures.

Nethers require about 10x as much experience to level up than normal creatures. For that reason, you’ll definitely want to get an artifact that grants a bonus to creature experience points. The diamond enchantment is also very useful and will negate this experience “penalty” as well. Aside from that, the new experience bonus granted to lower level creatures will make them level much faster than before.

If you actually commit yourself to creating a good Nether creature, it will surpass your normal creatures very easily. On the other hand, if you try to rush it and don’t put much effort into leveling up your gems and using the maximum amount of gems possible, it’ll probably end up being inferior in the long run. That’s good, because it should punish people who take shortcuts and reward those who commit to the project.

Right now, enemy creatures will match your Nether creatures’ levels. However, that’s probably going to change soon.

Thank you very much for the thorough replies Zack, this clears up a lot of things. :slight_smile: