Question about Master Shapeshifter

I have this monster with that name and its ability is having 50% chance at the start of each battle to copy each of enemies’ abilities. Currently, i do not think it buff itself with multiple abilities in each turn like description.

Example, my master shapeshifter copied hound and stone golem abilities, only hound’s ability would work and 25% att doesn’t.

Is it a bug or am i mistaken ?

Are you sure it copied the Iron Golem’s ability? I just tested the Master Shapeshifter and copied the Iron Golem’s ability and it appears to be working properly.

I think his trouble is that he believes the ability to be able to have multiple enemy abilities at the same time. If it’s supposed to be that way, it doesn’t seem to be working. If it doesn’t, he feels like the creature’s ability description should be clarified.

holy…you understood me more than my mum.

It can copy multiple abilities. It has a 50% chance for each enemy creature to copy its ability. I just tested it and it appears to be working properly.

He has been working on my team, too. There is only a 50% chance to learn an enemy skill, so you might have had a run of bad luck.