Question about nether creature


I just reached the point, where I am able to create a nether creature - and since the process (and outcome) seems to be a bit different from Siralim 1, I got a few question about it:

  1. I tried the Potion of Transforming at a random creature in my stable, and it seems that the initial trait of the creature is gone. So am I right, that the I can completly ignore the trait of a creature and just have to look out for a type with high stats? For example a Raven/Occultist for its highish Speed + moderate Int if I want to focus on spells?

  2. My creature had 0 gene strength before I used the potion and +11 after it. What exactly infuences the outcome of this? Is this similar to breeding?

  3. Can I later increase the gene str of a nether creature or will this creature now always stay at +11?

  4. If 3. is not the case, when is the right time to transform a creature into a nether creature? And if I feel like the creature starts to become weak due to lacking gene str, what do I do with that creature? Just forget about it and reroll a new one?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

1 - The initial trait is replaced by the aura, but you can give it 3 traits of your choice


Damn, I totally missed the second part about nether creatures in the Library - sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

So I just have to look for a creature with a high amount of the desired base stats, nice.

Thanks for your answer!