Question about nether creatures

Hello, I tried to read the library over and over, and even after creating one I was still confused. In the nether creature castle quest when I used the red nether orb I activated ruby five times. This only let me use 5 level 9 ruby gems tho since I was level ~50. Reading the library led me to the idea that if I activated each enhancement once instead of one enhancement 5 times I could have used a total of 25 gems, 5 for each enhancement. Is this true? Would it have been more effective to use 5 gems per enhancement or 5 gems on one enhancement activated 5 times? I also had a demon dust from somewhere and the option to decline using it would not let me do anything else in the game so I had to use it and I didn’t even get a nether demon. Thanks for reading and answering if you do.

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At your level, you can only use 5 gems of each enchantment to create a Nether Egg; not 25. The optimal choice would have been to activate the Nether Orb with one of each activation (you’re told to do that in the Castle Quest :slight_smile: ) and use 5 of each gem enchantment.

However, that is going to change in the next update. There will no longer be a limit to the number of each enchantment you can use - only a maximum number of gems based on your level.

The Demon Dust issue you came across is a bug that will also be fixed in the next update. It was a safe bet to use it, though, but it doesn’t guarantee that the egg will become a Nether Demon. It only increases the chance.

Ok thank you for the fast response

maybe im stupid but im lvl 20 and i still havent found the place where i can create nether eggs…

You’re still pretty far off from getting to that point. Keep leveling up and you’ll receive the quest eventually :slight_smile: