Question about "Proficient"

Does Proficient affect the enchanted attack, defense, and luck on the artifact, or just the base? I enchanted one of my swords with Proficient and did not notice a significant change on the equipped monster’s character sheet. Thanks!

It only takes effect in battle, so you won’t notice a change on your character sheet. That goes for any ability or buff.

Wow, I just noticed that it popped as a buff and clicked to edit my question. I can’t believe that you responded so fast! You’re awesome!

Anyways, are these bonuses additive or multiplicative? I put this on a Brim Smith. So, with his 200% bonus to artifact attack, would he be receiving a 200+50=250% bonus now, or a 200x1.5=300% bonus?

All bonuses are multiplicative except for bonus damage, which is additive.