Question about the update

Will the save slots disappearing be fixed in the update? I accidentally new gamed my file twice because of misclicking, 2nd time I had a back up. But I’m curious if this will be addressed or not.

I’m not aware of any bugs that cause your save files to disappear - can you please explain?

It’s not a harmful bug as you can just exit the app and boot it up for the save file to appear again, but I’ve found it very annoying especially when I’ve lost my current data twice because I’ve pressed new game on accident.
Basically, when booting up the game, occasionally your save file will not appear despite you being able to continue to chose a file, but the option to continue your current game will make the option disappear.

Apologies if I wasn’t specific enough, but I do want to note I haven’t used any cheat engine shenanigans, this is something that happens quite often, some others have noted it has happened to them as well.