Question : Can i find singular creatures from Charm summon

In this game, singular creatures is very very rare even with LV300 Yseros talisman . And  The main thing is: they are random 
So, if i want designated singular creature , May be charm is the only way ? but i'm not sure is there possible sommon  singular  with charm
(sorry for my broken English)


actually yes, it is possible that charms spawn Singularities:

Charms are designed
…to get more cores from a specific creature
…to farm experience and knowledge if you are able defeat them easily
…and to maximize the chance of getting a singular version

So, gotta sacrifice, extract & kill 'em all ;D

Thank @Dirtyhands for your help
Just get my first member of group B , and i think it’s harder than i think to make a team all singular
Farm start at rank A knowledge and when i have 45271 points ,the singular spawn …very very long time to farm