Question galore

So im at the stage when less and less is clear and since ingame library doesnt help, id like to ask few things.

  1. Imbued nether orbs. How does one aquire one? Everybody keeps saying that it exist and its awesome and stuff, but how can i has one?

  2. Demon dust thingie. Likewise, how does one get it?

  3. Bynine. He is selling lesser nether orbs. Will there be a time when he will sell imbued ones? Or is it just for the tease?

  4. Im currently playing as death mage, and im spending royalty in better duty rewards, chests from monsters and better rewards from encounters (and ive put 1 in additional rituals). Should i grab at least one point in pill generating? Or should I wait with it until i max the rewards perks?

  5. I have trouble with gaining enough power resource. Is there a way to get it fast? Im rolling in brimstone and such at this point.

Thats it for now. Thanks in advance for answers

Zawisza out.