Question: How can I get Moneybags Achievement X? 500 Million of all resources

Achievement: Moneybags X: Have 500,000,000 Brimstone Crystal Essence and Power at the same time.

How did the 1.0% of people who have unlocked this achievement on steam accomplish this?!

Treasure Golems?
Iron Golems? Some creative way to make those guys drop more resources. Like attacking your own team of iron golems on some kind of macro?
Too many hours of gameplay? (yes)

Some kind of macro? Okay, this is probably not a good way, but if you use software of some sort to you could conceivably automate your mage to fight in a realm for money. Max all your resource talismans, max your mage perk for your resource, create a bunch of charms for an easy creature, clear out a realm and automate your mage to do battle constantly. Though I don’t think that it would actually work out that well. I wouldn’t do this because it sounds lame and I don’t have much confidence that it would work, it also is not fun and kinda cheaty, but it makes me wonder to this degree how people get Moneybags X achievement!

Currently, I am just ranking up talismans among other things …
Gameplay: 150 Hours
Realm Depth: 250
Itherian Depth: 175
Mage Level: 2900
Creatures Level: 4000-5000
Maxed Rank 100: Tartarith’s Hatred (300% more loot from itherian boss rooms chests), 100% more loot from nemesis fights
Rank 130: Scavengers Sorrow for more treasure chest loot
Average Bonus 500-800%: Maxing out CJ to get the best bonuses I can for my realms
Shaping my sigils
Maxed Rank 150:Got Lister’s Talisman maxed so I can convert at 83.333% ratio
Level 70: Leveling up my mage perk (Life mage power) to get more power
Rank 130: Ranking up Azural’s charm to get runes for rune powder to upgrade my talismans faster

Currently, I am around 2 Million for each resource at best, and when I grind spells, grind runes, artifact salvage, breed, creature summon, I backpedal a little.

But, I think that at really high realm depth and high rank of scavengers sorrow I will begin to take off more with the resources? I have more confidence for that method.

Good news: the resource-gaining perks are now universal for each mage :slight_smile:

You can maybe find a setup where you attack Treasure Golem 15 times per turn with each creature for 1 damage each :slight_smile: Haven’t yet looked into it.

But I would try making a bunch of Iron Golems and casting Sabotage on low-level enemies. This will guarantee they hit you a bunch of times for 1 damage each, triggering the resource gain. You can use Multicast, cast on additional target, etc. You could probably get like 45 (off the top of my head) attacks on your creature per turn.

With every deeper Realm you get more reward. You just has to go so deep you can get 5 mio until one visit.

which realm depth you have arrived to gain this achievement easily? thanks

Does realm depth affect loot? (both resources gained and item drops) Or is it just achievements that matters?

I’m guessing that both realm depth AND achievements earned increases loot?

Hi there, realm depth does not affect resources gained from battles, which is the primary way to get enough resources for the money bags achievement. The key to that achievement is stacking all resource boosters, which allows for >200K of each resource earned per battle. Here is a list of some of the resource boosters: cards, nemesis battles, runes, creature knowledge, perks, sigil bonus, artifact bonus (wild artifacts can have up to +30 of each resource), itherian artifact (artifact type 50% boost also applies to the resources on the other artifacts), and resource talismans. Hope that helps!