Question regarding Steam Key

I purchased the Alpha key back in Aug of 2020. If I recall the tier I purchased included access to the Alpha/Beta and choice of the digital platform when released. I do still have the original email from that purchase if that would be needed.

I played it quite a bit at the time and provided various feedback, however since then my computer died and was forced in a hiatus from the game. I was reminded of the game today and went to go play it and noticed it was revoked on steam. I am assuming this is because it moved Alpha to Early Access in Steam.

In some previous other posts I see a mention that in order to get the updated steam key a survey would need to be completed. I have looked through my email and haven’t been able to find it.

Would this still be an option, or have I missed the window of opportunity for moving between the phases?

Please send me an e-mail at - the surveys were taken down since they were due on March 1 but I can still send you a key.

Will do. Thank you