I have a question about monsters. I assume that the base stats of creatures related to their tier. If I wanted to make a nether servant hunter because of their ability to damage multiple opponents, am I screwing myself? If so, why not wait until really high tiers to make nether creatures?



Every creature is meant to be roughly balanced with each other. A higher tiered creature is not necessarily more powerful than the creature you start out with, so feel free to make a nether out of anything you want.

As Zack said, higher tiers are roughly the same power. The skills are usually a little more complex. The very top tier units are slightly more powerful than the very bottom tier units in general (little bit more powerful abilities plus a little higher base stats). But the Corrupted Phoenix you got happens to be one of the highest base stats also with a powerful ability.

Servant Hunters are viable long-term as anti-Nether precautions and in general as a powerful, fast attacker with natural access to indirect damage.

I have some questions too:

  1. If my creature attack, does it damage to the element it belongs to or does it do damage of my element? (nature,chaos…)
  2. I dont understand the stronghold creature. It is always shown the taunt buff, but seems the buff works only if i give a provoke command. Do i will loose defence with the stronghold when i use provoke?

if i remember on the stronghold it says it WONT lose any defence when using the Provoke command. Taunt also just means u have a 100 % chance to provoke according to the library.

and for the first one its the element the creature is i believe.