Quick question about Unguided Entity (damage = 40% of target's current health)

Do effects like Insatiable (50% chance for 200% more damage) and Incantation (more damage equal to original damage times power balance) work with Unguided Entity (creature always deals damage equal to 40% of target’s current health, and ignore post-attack effects)?

If I had at least 150% power balance and a Viper Occultist with Unguided Entity on her weapon, would she kill whatever she hits (40% + 150%*40% = 100%)? Or does the damage get set to 40% after all that?

The damage is always set to 40% of the target’s current health regardless of other modifications.

Unguided Entity was specifically modified so that Occultist damage bonuses wouldn’t automatically oneshot anything they hit in the last major patch. :smiley: