Raid project should give way more resources

So, maybe it’s just how I play, but brimstone and granite seem like major bottlenecks.

I suppose it’s because projects costs a tonne of granite, and the rune prophecies has you always doing them. The Raid should give way more resources when completed. It costs 10000 granite just to start it, so feels like a kick in the nuts when you complete it and get like 500 of each resource, So you paid 10000 granite, put in a bunch of work, and lost 75% of your investment. Sure, you get creature knowledge and some artifact materials or whatever, but just making a single artifact takes 100k brimstone, and that’s if you didn’t want to buy one of the 50k brimstone nether boss trait materials… I have tonnes and tonnes of legendary trait materials just sitting in my inventory because I don’t have enough brimstone to make any more artifacts. I’ve been using the same artifacts pretty much the whole 100+ hours I’ve played the game cause making new ones just costs so much brimstone.

Just my two cents… but the Raid Project should really give a lot more resources considering it costs 10000 granite just to start it, might help the resource issue a little bit anyways if it gave at least 2k of each so you’d feel like you at least got your investment back. Personally I think it would be nice if it gave like 5k of each or maybe even 10k so you could just start another one with the granite you get.

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I second that; I remember a time where Raid straight up gave you ~10k of each resource and that was pretty awesome. Maybe give SOME less resources and replace them with materials/knowledge… The way I see it, materials are basically the opposite of a bottleneck, since there is rarely a material that you don’t already have or otherwise don’t need. On the other hand, you can just never have enough resources! :slight_smile: