Raiko's Idea Repository - Feedback Section!

Yeah, secondary thread for the feedback and discussion on the various things me and Umaro come up with. Be sure to share all your thoughts, and I’d appreciate sugegstions too…you might just inspire me~! :smiley:

The songstress feels a bit weak. There’s traits and spell gems that arent even rare or hard to get that does a much better work.

The drakes have a good thing going on for them. Strong enough to be worth it while limited enough so it isnt overpowered (unless the enemy party is unbalanced enough to be monotype or monospecies like a full familiar party. Their fault for relying in super strong synergy species traits).

Kraken sounds like a late game creature. Pretty strong in its niche of multistrikes.

Wyldvane is a mixed bag. Some effects like the debuff cleaning are a bit weak while others like dying to fully revive another creature are pretty good.

Goliath would need some buffing. The counterattack one scales nicely and it would benefit from being undodgable like live to labor and bombardment. The others are honestly fairly weak considering they have a ceiling of 30% and only affect goliath except for one of them.

Vilebloom is kinda situational. It feels like they are made to wipe out random encounters due how the bosses have many immunities, yet it needs that another creature debuffs the enemy first. Probable it REALLY wants to have ailment specific spell gems or traits that inflicts those status at start of battle. As it is, feels like one of those creatures you get at early game with situational but great when they work traits