Raising gamespeeds

Not sure how to title this one, but here’s the deal.

About 1300 hours in, and my game has been slower than a fresh save. This, of course, is probably because of fun things like hoarding tendencies and the fact all my dudes are about 24k in level.

The thing is, I have no real sink for any of this stuff and I fear making use of it or ditching it and then needing it later when I make another fun whacky team when I eventually burn out of my current team.

Does anybody have any opinions or pointers on how to increase performance, knowing all of this? It’s always when initially loading a save, starting a realm or starting a battle and never an actual in-game performance thing. I just worry that in the future it will become a genuine issue and I want to avoid it.

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Probably worth adding that gaining loot, more often than not, also causes hangtime regardless of whether there’s a nether stone in there or not.

The loot hang time drops to nothing when you have all creatures at S rank. So i think the pages cause that.

That’s one hangtime I guess, but the slight hang transitioning into battle gets more and more noticable as time goes on, and the initial load of my save gets longer as well. Like I said it’s not unplayable or flow-breaking… yet.