Random Crash in battle

  1. In the middle of battle, the app crash randomly. It exist per one-two floors…

  2. Please check attached screenshots
    Fatal error in
    action number 1
    of Step Event0
    for object obj_battlecontroller:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get 0.nickname(100003,
at gml_Script_bc_HandleDeadCreatures

stack frame is
gml_Script_bc_HandleDeadCreatures (line 0)

  1. Not sure how to trigger this crash. I tried changing partners even start a new game for test but this crash still exist.

  2. Android 4.4

  3. 1.3.0

  4. No one is dying in the battle.
    Party members:
    Save 1: Springtime Aspect, Sand Giant, Servant Hunter, Twisted Devil, Wildfire Efreet, Firewound Angel;
    Save 2: Spitting Pit Worm, Rotten Carnage, Delirious Ghoul, Unicorn Consecrator.

*The problem didn’t exist before level 15 but it exist after I paid to unlock level cap.

Sorry for all the crashes. It’ll be fixed for the next update which will enter beta testing very soon. Thanks for all the details though - that definitely helps me out with isolating the issue!