random thoughts - realm effects?

I was thinking it might be neat if fights has slightly different rules in each realm. This might be a terrible idea but I tried thinking of some examples.

wind - higher chance to dodge attacks /or spells can be dodged at the same rate as melee strikes ???
frost - lower chance to dodge attacks / or 10% per turn to get affected with frozen
darkness - summoned monsters have more stats /or critical hits do more damage then normal
sea - all the player’s artifacts sunk in a boat accident and are “lost” until the realm is left / or units get a few random temporary spell gems at the start of each fight
war - melee attacks do more damage and have a higher chance to critically hit
fortune - bigger damage spread on attacks(an attack that normally did 100-120 damage could do 1-250 damage)
bliss - buffs more effective (mend heals for 25%/ward protects from spells 40%/protect reduces damage 60%)
poison - more damage taken from poison and poison has a chance to stun
light - when units are healed they receive a boost to current and max hp equal to 25% of hp recovered
punishment - bleed takes 25% health instead of 15% / or debuffs don’t recover at the end of a fight
anger - berserk creatures do +150% damage instead of +50%
time - all buffs and debuffs last 3 fewer turns / or fatigue starts earlier and builds faster
fire - burn debuff lasts longer and damage increases over time and burning units can spread fire to adjacent units
illusion - you can’t see monsters on the map and/or everyone starts with invisible/or confusion makes the unit attack a random target 100% of the time
wisdom - spell cost halved

also some other random thoughts…

I’d like to see my chance to hit % before I commit a melee attack; If not baseline, maybe if identify monsters has been cast or if I have enough monster lore. Because I like getting mad when I miss 95% shots!

On the breeding page I like how after you pick the first guy it sorts all the possible unknown combinations as ? on the top of the list. Would it be possible if the known combinations that you haven’t breed and unlocked yet were on top of the ? options and had a ! or something

The new sigil system basically accomplishes this. Other than that its a decent idea.