Raptor Occultist - worst ability in the game? (Plus Spell Power talk)

The Raptor Occultist’s ability is that the creature deals more damage equal to 35% of my Spell Power. Unless this is some kind of percentage and not a flat number, at level 147 I have a grand total of 466 Spell Power. This means the Raptor Occultist would be doing 136 extra damage. That’s horrible. It would be bad if it did 350% of my Spell Power, even! This is with only one level in the spell power royalty talent, but the scaling on that is still very poor. With the spell power talent at level 100 (which would take 2,500 royalty points), that’s still only 275-325 damage or so.

Am I missing something, or is this ability complete and utter garbage? I don’t think Spell Power scaling itself is bad, necessarily, though I do think you should gain more spell power at higher levels, as spells rapidly fall behind even with points in the talent. But 35% is a terrible ratio; it would need to be at least 400% or so to be remotely useful, and probably closer to 600-1000%. The only advantage is that it works off your own level and not your creature’s level, but that’s about it. The side effect of buffing it that much would mean that enemy Raptor Occultists would give out guaranteed one-hit kills very quickly, but other occultist types already do that.

This may also just be a result of how weak your mage’s Spell Power stat is; even with bonuses from the talent, it scales so slowly compared to nethers, artifacts, and abilities, that your spells are left in the dust quickly. I do get there are a few creatures and the Sorcery mage’s abilities to help that out, so please correct me if I’m wrong. If spells are too strong, also, it could be too easy, as spells penetrate defense and are only reduced by a few effects. There are already a few counter creatures to spell builds, however, ranging from moderate (the ward-giving unicorn) to absolute (nightmare mummy). I have wondered if you should get a little more spell power per level as you get higher up, possibly 1 more every 5-20 levels. This would not apply to enemy parties, as they have adequate spell power due to having extremely inflated levels; they would oneshot your party 50 times over if it applied to them.

And please, if I’m missing something because I’m a bad player, let me know! :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to stick to the same setup, so I may miss out on alternative strategies. I am trying to make a Horde-based team to mix things up, but that’s still in its infancy currently.

The missing link! There is in fact a missing bit of information. The damage is based on the raptor’s attack damage multiplied by with the spell power, so it scales as the creature gets stronger. The exact math is what I don’t remember. But I hope this vaguely cleats up your concern with the creature; it does scale!

I freaked out about the Occultists in the same way earlier, man, don’t sweat it. As Juncboks noted, the percentage is a multiplier on how much damage they initially did.

The lesson I learned, then, is to playtest things before I called them bad.

Are you sure? I think the RAPTOR Occultist really does a flat amount of additional damage based on spell power. It is the VIPER Occultist who gets a multiplier based on power balance.