Rare particle hunt

I have a few rare particles from power spells, such as the Cafard Banshee and Giant Mangler, that I would like to summon. If I burn a particle in the overworld, will I encounter the creature in the next realm even if I have never summoned it before?

Yes, but you can’t diffuse creatures that are obtained from powerspells or the emblem shop so you won’t be able to use that method to obtain more particles.

Are you sure Zack ? I’m pretty sure that is how I have got my Pegasus. I have sacrificed one particle to spawn more Pegasus in the next realm and I have diffused them. But it was months ago so you may have changed this behavior.

Edit : I’m not sure it was the Pegasus but it was a creature from the emblem shop or from a power spell. Maybe the Nightwing Gargoyle or the Nexus Amaranth. I don’t remember well.

If that’s the case, then that is a bug. I’ll look into it to make sure it’s working properly :slight_smile:

I’ve never thought it was a bug. More like a trick that uses the game’s functions. I should have kept my mouth shut :slight_smile:

It is indeed bugged and you can currently diffuse particles from any creature. Abuse it while you still can :wink: