Razorsharp and Mortar Combat


I play the newest version, 2.1.1, on Android.

My demon has razorsharp and mortar combat.

Bug, after mortar combat the ability razorsharp attacking with damage and bleed does not activate.
Also, but here I’m not shure, the mortar combat does not damage to the target itself.

Mortar Combat deals all of its damage indirectly, so it doesn’t activate post-attack abilities and effects.

Sorry second point was my mistake, mortar combat does damage to the target.

I use artefact with strength of the world, but I think at the start the 240% damage bonus are not added. How can I check that? Sorry I just have no idea how to check…

Yes but after mortar combat there should be an activation of razor, at the end at least two target should bleed, in fact there should be tree…

Razorsharp would be considered a post-attack ability, and since Mortar Combat doesn’t actually attack a specific target, Razorsharp won’t activate.

Attack starts, damage from target (with adding of strength of world), is took reduced to 40-60% and put on every enemi. Here the bleed of the main target may got lost, that seems ok fore the mechanics maybe to complicate otherwise. After that the ability of razor damaging two other tharget with 35% of damage with bleed should however activate.

Thats how I understand the text of razor description…

Where canI read all about this rules?

Post attack, which effect does not activate after post attack and so on.

Because that destroys fun on gaming and planing when you read something but somehidden mechanics behave different…

By the way, why is it post attack are not activated after an attack that hits the whole group?

In fact mortar attack just destroyed the ability of razor for my demon thaen :frowning:

It’s because Mortarsman’s ability deals indirect damage to all enemies, but that damage is considered an effect, rather than an individual attack on all enemies (because that could proc half-a-dozen defensive abilities in turn, you see).

Ironically, Mortar Kombat’s description tells you exactly what happens:

“When attacking, does not deal damage to target directly but deals 40% to 60% of the damage to each enemy, including its target.”

Your attack never connects and deals damage; instead, an effect deals damage to all enemies. Thus, “attacked” and “attacking” flags never trigger, preventing Mortarsman from getting swarmed to death every time it fights a countering group of enemies.

If this is true. you should be able to target Invisible creatures with mortar man. with the attack command as its doin indirect dmg to it still. correct? if u “target” something else u can but if u target the creature itself you cant attack still?

Mortar Combat determines everything by the target you choose, but then eventually ignores that target. IIRC, it does make an attack vs. defense calculation and adds in most damage effects (possibly not speed, though). Then it takes that number, ignores the attack it just made, multiplies it by 40-60 and deals that damage to every creature… not counting their defense this time. So you do still need an original target, but there is no normal attack that happens.

A lot of skills in this game have to be used to find out all the little details with them. The good thing is that the skills are so varied. The bad thing is that the general rules are hard to keep track of, so each skill seems to have its quirks. There are still general rules, but usually the best way to find out what the combinations do is simply to test each of them in different ways.

About general rules, how are speed attack and defense calculated in the first demage round? And afterwards, how does defence or speed effect the second damage calculation?

I have no idea what you mean by first and second.

Defense is subtracted directly from attack, then the result has Speed scaling applied (.1 of total Speed without Ferocity) to determine damage.

Wrong usage of words, in first place I ment. First you calculate how much the damage would be, then you compare it with the defence (maybe also speed?) of the target and calculate the final damage that hits the target…

How does this work…

“Damage”, so far as I can tell, is what’s left over after Defense is subtracted from Attack. Therefore Attack would always be preferable, since it applies before calculations.

.1 of your Speed is added to the difference between Attack and Defense, as I’ve said. That .1 is unaffected by Defense, and, barring Sapphire Attunement, is your minimum damage.

Does luck have any effect on damage?

I don’t think it does, not directly at least. Sorry, I can’t find the source, but I’m pretty sure I read that all that Luck affects is the chance of glancing and mortal blows, and whatever creature abilities explicitly state their dependence on it.

Luck determines both the chance and the power of glancing / mortal blows, actually, so more Luck will increase the multiplier of a mortal blow and decrease the glancing blows’. Aside from that and abilities that directly name it, it has no effect.

Hmmm, eberassing but I don’t know exactly what glancung and mortal blows are… I can suggest what it should/cpuld be, but can somebody explain it to be shure? Thanks.

A glancing blow deals less damage.

A mortal blow deals more damage.

More Luck determines how often you get these results and how effective they are; if your Luck is higher than your opponent, you’ll deal more mortal blows, and they’ll be more deadly, while you get hit by glancing blows instead.