RE-suggestion, Artifact idea reformed

So After a lot more experience with the current artifact system and realizing things I did not previously know. I wanted to try and retry and giving a better and more sound approach to my original idea.

So once again giving the idea to bring out new artifact type, name example: (Legendary Artifacts) (Mythic Artifacts) (Imbued Artifacts) etc lol

List of how it could be set up.
*Found Unidentified

  • Requires a recruitment of a (un-named person) to the castle who can Identify the artifact
  • Requires ritual + resources to identify
  • When Identified, reveals the equipment type (weapon, shield, ring, necklace etc.)
  • Depending on the revealed equipment type, spawns same type of primary stats that the equipment normally spawns
  • Artifact also spawns 1 additional primary stat from the pool (Attack, speed, luck, all def, specific defense etc.)
  • The amount of stat is randomized but is generally higher than a normal artifacts primary stat.
  • This means Mono stat artifacts will have 2 total primary, double stat artifact will end up with 3 total primary
  • Primary stats increase the same as the artifact levels up.
  • Always starts at level 1 with 0/1 secondary
  • Requires ritual + X amount of (Any) materials + Resources to fill secondary slot
    • This is done by the same person who identifies
  • Each new secondary slot requires a higher cost to unlock but same length ritual (makes sense)
  • Each secondary slot filled is a randomized stat or rare type (buff, ability etc.) that is of a higher amount than a normal artifacts stat
  • Once any rare type of buff, ability is used, can not re-produce the same buff, ability on future stat unlocks on same artifact.
  • Rolled stats are at characters level but spawn with generally higher stats than normal
  • rare buff, procs % generally higher than the normal max up to perhaps 10-15% more is limit from normal, example, 25% normal but on these artifact can manage up to 40% (usually really rare to hit 35-40% though)
  • Can still enchant legendary craft to artifact, legendary ability fills in the primary rather than secondary.

  • Unable to Re-roll stats, remove stats, change stats etc. (Help create diversity and reason to find more unique’s)

  • These Artifacts are able to go above the max level 10 cap

  • When identified the artifact will have a level display of 1/xx and every unique artifact can vary for the max level, kind of like Nether orbs. Example #1: Level 1/14, Example #2: Level 1/17
  • Rarity increases to find unique artifacts with higher max levels.
  • Level max can still identify at 10 still, so 10+ kinda thing.
  • Could make it another fun project to max out something with a higher level cap as kill count would increase per level :slight_smile:
  • Special Perks that can be done with these unique artifacts
  • Able to give the artifact its very own name on identification or anytime after at a cost (resources)
  • (wishful thinking) Artifacts can be of all sorts of visual differences through randomized art, No idea if this is possible lol.

Hope I covered all I was thinking about lol. I know you guys are busy but I figured I give this another shot and make it more clearer and make more sense after playing with the artifact system for about 120 hours now lol. I hope this list makes sense for the game and sounds like a great way to make artifacts really interesting again. It would be cool to have a community not only show off cool created creatures but also awesome legendary / unique artifacts they found and built up hopefully into something really useful haha :slight_smile:

Interesting idea, though I’d have to say if never want these. How and why would I want an artifact that had random slots that might make no sense at all? Considering I can tailor artifacts the way I want them to function. Who will this random super artifact be for? Even after you identify the artifact, the upgrades might completely contradict the item’s purpose.

Because the current system we have at the moment is bland. Honestly there is no point to even going and finding artifacts because they are no different than crafting one. Same exact stats and you can just remove whatever and add whatever. This whole thing makes artifacts at the moment not exciting. Once I have my 6 lv10 artifacts built I’m like well I will just repeat the process on the next 50 levels just to have a higher primary stat(s). That’s bland lol. I’m offering a second way that offers what could be much better but with the risk of randomized stuff. I just want artifacts to become special and more personal. I’m not saying remove the system we currently have, but to add a secondary new interesting system to give a reason to actually hunt and find new artifacts. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

No, I’m not saying you’ll remove the normal system, I’m just saying I wouldn’t use the special random ones. This is because I don’t want to spend time and resources on an artifact that may or may not be useful at all. Why would I want a sword that gives me a bunch of tank materials and no attack boosts because attack materials are common and not rare. I get that you’re trying to spice up the artifacts, but I don’t think this is quite the right way… unstable, unpredictable, and detrimental imbalances don’t make for good specials.

well im sure there is a much better way to express this kind of idea. I dunno, seems the problem is people got to use to the system where you have 100% control giving artifacts much less excitement in the long run. I just think there needs to be something great and new that would give reason to wanting to actually find artifacts. I know this idea is not perfect lol.

I guess the base of the suggestion is to bring out a new way to introduce and allow for a reason to want to always hunt new artifacts. though I am going to assume zack may be stirring up some ideas of his own on the artifact stuff atleast on paper lol

I, personally, am perfectly fine with being able to design my artifacts down to the last buff. I disliked farming for loot in all three incarnations of Diablo; I can live without it here as well.

Plus, for me half the fun is being able to optimize.

Yeah, I have to agree with vagrant in that the ability to optimize and tailor each artifact specifically for each of my creatures (not every creature, but a whole lot more than six. Who plays this game with only six creatures?) It gives my creatures and their items unique personality and function. (I’d love to name my artifacts! nudge)

That being said, I’m definitely open to some type of fancy artifact implementation. But making more expensive equipment less reliable doesn’t make sense. If I think of ideas, though, I’ll try and bounce them off you to see what you think.

to be honest I actually am starting to think this idea may not work very well lol. I do also enjoy being able to build up my artifacts. I dunno just feels like something is missing. But I can’t exactly think of what that is lol