Realm 1 keeps getting harder

I’m a new player, and I was going to try to hang around the low-level Realms for a while until I got a hang of things, but it seems like even though I keep going to Realm Level 1, the enemies keep getting harder. Is that intended? Is there a way to keep that from happening? They’re not outpacing me, but it’s pretty frustrating feeling. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress, and it doesn’t feel like I’m in control of how hard the dungeon is. What’s the point of letting me choose what level to fight if literally none of the choices are easy?

The game is never really meant to be easy at any point, but the difficulty spike tends to become more smooth as your character approaches level 25-30. Do all of your creatures have artifacts? Are you keeping the artifacts up-to-date? Are you taking advantage of spells? You might consider getting a new creature to tank for you, such as a Stronghold.

At the moment I’m mostly playing while I’m hanging out with friends and watching stuff, so I was trying to grind for a bit. Is there not any way to keep fighting low level enemies?

There is not a way to fight creatures that are significantly lower in level than yours, but eventually enemies will become far inferior to your creatures for other reasons. You can read more about it here if you’re interested:

The Realms always scale to your level; Realm 1, in particular, starts with creatures three levels lower than yours, and every Realm after that increases the level by one. So don’t feel bad about not being able to penetrate deeply yet; you won’t for awhile. Stay in the first five realms, I’d say, until you have a solid team, artifacts, and maybe a Nether.

Here are some things you can do to make it easier:

Artifacts - On Realm 1, no enemies have artifacts, which makes it kind of a joke once you get decent ones. After that, enemies get artifacts too that scale to yours, but their enchantments are random and they never get Legendary enchants, which gives you your greatest edge in the end. Stack useful stat buffs on artifacts for your creature’s respective roles: ADCs (attack damage carries, your attackers) get Attack/Speed buffs, tanks get All Def / HP buffs (never bother with class-specific defenses), etc.

Party Optimizing: Now, if you took Random Creatures you’re in the deep end of the pool already, but if you went standard the game very gently eases you into party building. You won’t hit any hardcore monsters until at least the third tier, where I think the Brim Smith and the Stronghold come online. Assign yourself these roles for now - a Tank, a Healer, Two ADCs, and one miscellaneous (usually a buffer of some sort). It’s a good guideline at the start.

Spells: You’ll have to use Spells sparingly at the start, but once you get five or so ranks in Inscription and Loot Hoarding, you’ll start getting sufficient scroll counts to cast in every battle. You have the advantage of not having to take random garbage like the computer gets; don’t cast Armor spells against classes that aren’t on the other team, for example. Play smart - your best spells are stuns, ressurects, and action order manipulation. Your creatures should be doing your damage for you.

If you want more details on anything, or just a general guide on what do to early on, let me know. I’ll throw something together.

Okay. Thanks to both of you, I’ll keep that stuff in mind. I imagine it doesn’t help that I started in Sorcery; the telescopes give you xp without giving you any of the other stuff that comes with it, so they’re probably putting me behind the power curve a bit.

My instinct is that if players aren’t supposed to start delving at all at first, that indicates that you might want to slow down how fast the first few realms scale, at least at low player levels. I understand wanting to have things scale, but it’s felt weird so far that I’m still on realm 1 and it’s not getting easier (at least not very quickly). Part of my problem is that there are a lot of different mechanics going on, and I’d prefer to ease myself into them one at a time, but it feels like to keep up with the game I have to be using rituals and figuring out party roles and my spellbook and enchanting better artifacts and extracting cores and switching which monsters I’m using and spending royalty points all at once just to keep the battles from getting harder in the easiest area. So, um…I think that’s not great. But I know I’m new to the game, and I’ll try to keep you guys updated about how it goes.

No problem, but you’re overthinking it. Everything scales seperately; I’m a lvl. 104 Mage, but if I take a totally new party into the Realms, they’ll all fight level 1 enemies too. If you have artifacts with lots of buffs, so will your enemy, but if you don’t, then they get items without enchantments. Spells never scale at all, in fact, and enemy Nethers you will only ever face as Duty bosses or from Sigils/Tokens.

There’s a lot to consume, that’s absolutely true, but none of it is going to ambush you, I promise.

Okay, I definitely hadn’t considered the strategy of “replace my entire party with level 1 monsters”, but it did make the game easier. Thanks.

The game library should probably include some information about how the level scaling works (presumably dressed up in game lore terms about how the realm reflects the person going through the portal or something, idk)

I just realized that part of the scaling system explains why it felt like Realm 1 was actually getting harder over time. You said that they’re at the player’s level - 3, right? When you’re level 7, level 4 monsters are really really easy, but when you’re at level 40, level 37 monsters aren’t as easy. It’s sort of the complement of the thing about why +20 levels gets easier over time.

Yeah, there are probably a few instances where there’ll be some weirdness going on with the difficulty. But keep in mind that you have access to artifacts/spells, while enemies don’t have any equipped on realm level 1, so that in itself should more than compensate for the curve.