Realm 31 Boss Fight

Hi all!

Does anyone have any pointers for this encounter? I have been trying for the past hour, but I just can’t seem to make a dent in any of the creatures HP! A lot of the time my team gets wrecked by spells before I can even go! =(

Can’t quite remember who the realm 31 boss is… Scylla and Charybdis, Judgement and Mercy and Deathwalker all springs to mind.

It’s The Unguided. All creatures have scorn and all spells cost 0 mana.

Have you been reforging your artifacts? Sounds like your stats are too low if you can’t damage them. That fight shouldn’t be much harder than a random one unless your team is physical, in which case you can just spam Panic Attack spells.

Yeah most of my team is physical type stuff. I mostly have been using spells for buffs / debuffs, which is why this is such a pain! I’ll try reforging some stuff. I honestly haven’t even used that yet… I’ve been keeping my artifacts updated with the enchanter though. Does reforging just reroll all of the stats on the artifact?

Yes, but the range increases with your level, so you should reroll them periodically to get better stats.

Okay cool beans. Thanks, I’ll give that a try (I mean, it can’t hurt)!

But really, if you have a Panic Attack spell gem, that should win the battle for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Fury Swipes, Stampede, Clawing Shadows or any other spell that either allows physical teams to cheat attacks through or uses Attack for scaling.

Got it! But not in the way that I expected.

I shuffled around my spell gems and reforged my artifacts, then went to the boss. I killed him first, which was a bad idea because it made the spells cost mana again, but everyone still had scorn. So I reset and went back to the boss with the plan of killing him last. However, the boss wasn’t part of the pack of 6 monsters… So I just straight up murdered everything with attacks. This left me very confused…

Are boss fights random like that? I mean, I know that they were casting different spells / debuffs each time I tried the encounter (as well as having different accompanying monsters) but the boss was always there.