Realm 35 is idiotic nonsense

Is there any way to do this fight reliably without spending 5 hours grinding a very specific throwaway gimmick team, or should I just focus on hacking my save file?

I found two different ways to beat them - one using a mouth of Hell, the other using a team of hunters.

The hunter team also is great for taking on sigils ;D

Hunters, huh? Maybe I’ll try to round up a pack of those. I think I only have three types available at the moment (Servant, Moon, Faith).

Does this team require any special gem/artifact loadouts, or do their trait combos mostly headline the show?

I had a life team with the following: Unicorn consecrator, succubus spirit, undolim seraph, narklin ophan, Valkyrie scout, and sphinx zealot. I had some sweet artifacts too; I specifically remembered the Valkyrie having the blood reaper’s trait (decapitation) which came in very useful when the scout counterattacked. The succubus spirit’s carnal genesis allowed my creatures to cycle to the top of the queue when they healed, which worked really well when the Valkyrie decapitated, the unicorn attacked, or healing spells were used (which the ophan made mana free).

I use 5 hunters and a hammer lord. (hunter director, servant hunter, faith hunter, moon hunter, light hunter). You can use 2 servants instead of the moon (extra poison attack that way).

They all have artifefacts and gems; the hammer lord has one to get the same as the hunter director, the others have various thigns (cant check which specifically since I have them out on a mission at the moment).

Also, I use the runes Yun (+100% burn damage), Nis(more damage to taunt and provokers), Fau(improved healing), Uka(+100% poison damage) and Inu (enemies stay asleep)

The artifacts include ones that cause burn, give mend, and a couple others. And with all at start buffs applied to the whole team, and one hunter having the spell gem to increase buff duration 3 turns (doubled since it casts twice…) - they are deadly :wink:

The hunter team:
Hunter director with impedence
Light Hunter with Director’s cut (used to have this on the Hammer lord)
Moon Hunter with Urdox Harbinger
Hammer lord with Soul to Keep
Faith Hunter with Hell’s Protection
Servant Hunter with Brain Drain

I finally managed to take those jokers down. My team looked like this:

Fallen Carnage - Damage dealer
Gruesome Gargantuan - Damage dealer, free spell spammer
Stronghold - Defense, and Volcano spell
Narklin Ophan - Free healing for everybody, with Abnegation on an artifact, and Divinity spell to open with a fully healed team plus some free damage to the enemies
Unicorn Vivifier - Mostly a bench-warmer
Undolim Seraph - Mass revive via defending, also holding an artifact with Strength of the Mind to make the team immune to Scorn and Silence

That setup is pretty self-explanatory, though it took a bit of light power-leveling, and a few attempts to get the right turn orders to pull it off. I also have an Equality gem on the Narklin Ophan which has the casts-on-extra-target property to juice up the Fallen Carnage, plus whoever is lucky enough to get the random extra cast. Just try to keep at least one reviver alive, pound on Mercy to kill him quickly, work on Judgment next, then clean up the leftovers.

What about it is bad? I can’t recall if I had trouble on the normal level 35, but the nether 35 was pretty simple for my setup.

Brownie Brute with Quick Shot
Fallen Carnage with Scourge (though he honestly isn’t holding up well…)
Thrasher Field with Cloud Connected
Troll Knife Juggler with Rise to Fall
Whispering Shade with War Forged (artifacts have protect, mend, leech, berserk, barrier and grace which all share)
Abaddon Guard with Everglow

This team has served me really well so far. The Troll has Fury swipes and always goes first on my team due to speed stacking. So he casts that on the Brownie. I can frequently wipe out teams with just that.
The Thrasher is a good damage dealer and Cloud Connected pairs well with the Troll’s trait.

The Carnage and Abaddon creatures could be switched out completely, though the Abaddon’s ability does sometimes come in use.

[spoiler]I think it’s the storyline boss fight against the duo of angels where you start at 1hp and they immediately get a turn. To be absolutely fair, I’ve never had them just drop an AOE first turn for a guaranteed kill, but that might be personal experience; there’s plenty of Life aoe spell gems, after all. [/spoiler]

For me, the MVP in making this fight more bearable is having a team with good speed (so you only have to weather one attack rather than a whole team’s worth of actions). Other than that, there are a few creatures that really stand out in my mind as being low-work ways to offset the initial disadvantage – Hammer Lord to pass Ward, Grace, Mend or Barrier around your party is a big play since all you really need to edit are your artifacts, which is easily enough done, and the creature itself helps to pull a lot of teams together. A speedy Siralim Seraph that survives the first turn can defend and basically give you a full heal, which you can then use to piece your party back together. Start With Shell Phase Champion is another option for a survived first turn and then a potential full party res if you need it. There’s also an Ent (I want to say Ashwood, but I can’t remember off the top of my head) with Optimism, although that solution isn’t wide ranging.

Other options include an Autumn Aspect with Starts with Ward, for a decent chance of surviving whatever comes next and promoting dodging across your team-- although since Nature doesn’t have any res spellgems naturally iirc, that might get a little dicey if nothing else on the team survives.

For extra fun, pack a Revenant Captain with a well-statted Ring, some survivability buff like Shell, Barrier or Invis, and Necrosis. It should be doing 495% extra damage, unless I’m reading the ability wrong. That should suffice for payback.