Realm Difficulty and Creature Creation Costs

Does the starting realm’s difficulty scale up according to your creatures’ levels? Does it scale up as you get further in the game, or your character’s level increases? I think it scales up w/ the ritual improvements. I’m asking this, since I created a fresh group of level 1 creatures, stabled my higher level ones, then proceeded to get wiped by the first mob on the first level of a new realm.

Also, how does the creature creation cost scale? It seems to keep scaling up as you create more, so it makes it very difficult (or very resource grindy) to recover from a major loss. (perma-death mode)

Creature levels and Realm levels.

The reason they wiped the floor with you is likely because of the current balance with AI artifacts. Once you unlock the blacksmith enemies go into terminator mode (No, seriously. They walk around with T-800 death machine modifications.)

By character level i believe, also after the first 6 creatures i believe creature creation costs are designed to climb.

This is confounding me right now.

The last time I created a new creature was at least 15 levels ago, because I can’t manage to save up the requisite power for a new one. That means I’m using the same six creatures that I first found/created, plus one random one who sits in my stables.

I periodically return to the summoning shrine with the hopes that I’ve collected enough, but during the time that I’d been grinding resources out, I inevitably gained a few levels, causing the creation costs to soar far above what I had collected – again and again.

EDIT: I’m level 38 now.

Which version are you playing? You can check in the bottom left corner of the title screen.


Ah, ok, I’m assuming you’re playing the iOS version then. In 1.0.9 (which should be out for iOS any day now), the cost of everything will have less of a “spike” when you level up and your resources will be much more manageable.

Ah, wonderful, thanks, that’s a relief!