Realm Event Suggestions

Just some thoughts I had about other things that could help differentiate the Realms from each other.

Field Consumables

Upgraded resource piles, essentially. Encounter rate would be 1/10th normal resource spawn rate, and each one would give 2-3 times the normal drop amount plus a buff on one of your creatures for the next battle.

Fruit of Life: Found in Life Realm. Gives Essence and Protect to one creature for the next battle.
Ice Diamond: Found in Winter Realm. Gives Crystal and Frozenarmor to one creature for the next battle.
Alchemy Set: Found in Sorcery Realm. Gives Power and Ward to one creature for the next battle.
Cairn: Found in Death Realm. Gives Granite and Berserk to one creature for the next battle.
Devil Nest: Found in Chaos Realm. Gives Brimstone and Splash to one creature for the next battle.
Penitent Scroll: Found in Dungeon Realm. Gives ritual energy and Multistrike to one creature for the next battle.
Hyacinth: Found in Nature Realm. Gives a small amount of each resource and Dodge to one creature for the next battle.



We’re all aware at this point of the problem of resource overabundance; so why not add a randomly-spawned object in the Realms that allows you to sacrifice the variety of resources available for some kind of ulterior benefit?

Whispering Altar: Found in Life Realm. Sacrifice Power to learn ancient secrets and gain Player XP.
Crystalline Font: Found in Winter Realm. Sacrifice a core before the frozen fountain to level up one random gem.
Astronomer: Found in Sorcery Realm. Give him Crystal for his telescope lenses to recieve Star Maps (consumables that reveal the floor plan).
Dollmaker’s Hut: Found in Death Realm. Give her creature remains (consumables) to recieve Power Balance / improved Loot for the next battle.
Torchbearer: Found in Dungeon Realm. Give him Brimstone for his torches to recieve payment in Tokens.
Mossy Obelisk: Found in Nature Realm. Sacrifice Granite to the climbing vines to recieve Creature XP from the flowers that bloom.

These are really awesome ideas!

These are definitely brilliant. Although I would say that on both accounts the death realm gets a big bunch of not much. :frowning: But perhaps I just notice its lacking gains because it also gets the short stick already with the snare and such. But at least it gets granite.

I disagree, because repeatable Loot boosts means massive Sigil farming benefits, and you get consumables frequently enough from Sigil fights that you can effectively do this as long as you have Sigils. It feels like it could definitely be the most abusive to me.

I see what you mean. Different goals, I suppose. Grinding sigils isn’t really something I look to do.