Realm Instability is Unfun as Implemented

I’ve been playing Siralim since the first, and while I think most of Ultimate’s features are improvements over the previous game, one thing that’s been bugging me is realm instability. I’d say realm instability is a sort of replacement for S3’s sigil system and CJ, except integrating completely with realms. However, I found S3’s sigils fun, and while CJ’s item scaling was probably excessive, I like the idea. The one thing they both had that SU’s instability does not is determinism.

Now, I don’t mind if instability just made realms hard. I’m not opposed to features that require extreme optimization to be consistently achievable. I’m also not opposed to the idea of randomness to modifiers, like with sigils. The problem with realm instability is the hidden modifiers and just how crazily they can interact together. With sigils, I could prepare teams that were able to handle and not handle certain modifiers in order to maximize what I could do. While you get some of that with the displayed mods with instability, the hidden mods makes it an effective crap-shoot, and does not allow you to craft teams around the modifiers. I think this itself is a negative, as much of the game, in my opinion, is about crafting teams to deal with challenges, and as far as I remember, this is the first system in any siralim game to behave in this way.

Much more importantly than that however, and why the title is as it is, is that realm instability significantly decreases how much you actually “play” the game. There are combinations of mods that can show up where 98% of each battle is holding down E waiting for enemy animations to finish. Enemies start at the top, plus attack 12 additional times, plus dodge and counterattack traits will make even the strongest team will have you sitting in your chair holding E waiting for it to be over for the majority of the battle, even with turbo mode. I don’t have the strongest team possible, but a decent one, and I’ve had to forfeit battles I could win just so it wouldn’t take 10 minutes to resolve.

I think that either realm instability should be split into different categories you can boost not dislike CJ, allowing some serious added difficulty without the non-determinism if you don’t want it, or the whole hidden mods thing should be removed.

I’d completely ignore instability, except I feel it is necessary at least on nether bosses to get more keys as they are soft capped under the realm depth progression curve.