Realm Instability Property Feedback/Suggestion

Could you replace “Can’t Gain Traits,” with “Enemies copy your traits gained in battle.”

That way builds that rely on gaining traits can still somewhat function, but run into significant and potentially interesting challenges whenever this realm trait is in effect.

The same idea could also be applied to the maximum number of buffs trait. Rather than limiting the player’s team’s number of buffs, you could instead have enemies copy all buffs you gain.

Also, could the “Can’t ressurect” trait be changed to possibly be probabilistic?
I.e. “50% chance you won’t resurrect?”
Or maybe, “Every time your creatures resurrect they start with 50% less health”
Something that punishes, rather than outright denies resurrection.

In general, I think any build style should be able to do all realms at max instability, provided enough thought has gone into them.
Atm, Stat / damage stacking can do everything and do so very quickly, but any more interesting build - which, btw, is almost always slower anyway, so not optimal, is going to now and then be destroyed by one these complete shutdown traits.

It would also be good to have a check possibly on the damage at start of turn, and increased damage taken traits - just to ensure that creatures without a decreased damage taken can generally survive taking a turn.
I was playing and due to some combination of those traits, and maybe something else,
all my creatures seemed to almost instantly die at the start of each of their turns.

Anyway, as always, very fun game :slight_smile:

P.S. I do still miss the old Infinite Lord trait. I’ve switched to a new build, that clears faster and more consistently, but thematically I really like scaling of enemy stats.

Edit Note:
This was made before my auto team swapping suggestion. And I think auto team swapping would be really rad.

But either, the realm properties should be soft, i.e. a build centered around any mechanic should never be completely shutdown by 1 realm property, or they can be hard, and brutally ruin certain mechanics, but only if it can work with something like the auto team swapping suggestion.