Realm Instability Scaling

So, there was a forum post earlier this week that showed how the first realm of each load had exorbitant stats compared to all the other realms, with five different users showing that they were getting these stats. Realm Properties with 11 extra attacks, 14 less spell gem charges, 300+% stat gain, 13 extra spell casts, heal 85%/round, reflect 70% damage… instead of 1-3 extra attacks/spells, 1-4 less spell gem charges, sub 100% stat gain, 20% reflect, 20% heal/round. When refreshing the realms, the stats would ‘correct’ to their proper values

Zack, you said you couldn’t replicate this, but you’d fix it. Was fixing it making it so that every realm had these scaling rates? Because that’s what I and several other players are experiencing. If that’s the intention, cool. If it’s an accident, cool. Just hoping for some transparency on this.

Yes, this is the correct scaling.