Realm % of Completion and Bonus Piety

Something I’ve noticed lately is that the game incentivizes you to bum rush through realms as fast as possible. Piety gains are based on completing the realm quest and not how complete the realm is when you finish.

My suggestion is to add a completion % to the realm that rewards additional piety once you choose to jump to a new realm based upon how much you did. If a speed runner can clear 2 realms in the time it takes to completely 100% a realm it could reward an extra 250 - 300 piety to balance out that game play.

Additionally, you could reward more God Favor based upon completion of the realm. I’m sure azural would appreciate it more if we stuck around and cleared some of those rocks he’s been stubbing his toes on.


Hmm, I like the idea of rewarding that play style, but I am not sure a small piety bonus is the right way to approach it.

I think maybe some kind of achievement or other bonus from fully clearing reams might work better?

Or a few of the prophecies could be ‘fully clear x realms,’ kind of thing.