Realm Properties and combos that should not happen

This has happen to me 2X so far which is 1 time to many LOL.

The Realm Properties I have a problem with are Chance to Dodge and Chance to Resist Damage. If even 1 appears as an option I reroll when they are Hidden Properties I just slog through. Its not to hard its just annoying. Chance to dodge for any Attack based group is just annoying but when you add in Resist Damage when you finally connect the damage is just… negated. The 100s of monster Traits combined with these two Properties you can make a completely unkillable team. In conclusion one or the other not both. If the realm has Chance to Dodge it can not have Chance to Resist Damage.

My current realm has these 2 and the monsters have 4 more traits… perhaps no Hidden Realm Properties is a consideration?