Rebalanced Eldritch Strike

Hi, I just joined to a) say that this game rocks and I absolutely love it, but more importantly b) to ask what’s going on with eldritch strike?
I have a vanelin seraph with a weapon that has eldritch strike, and I thought ‘almost easy’ and edlritch strike would complement each other in that the damage would build on the subsequent attacks after the first ‘almost easy’ atttack dmg modifier, but when I attack with it, the first attack always does 0 damage.

I read through the patch notes and posts about it being nerfed, but I think it might not be working as intended? It could be that I’m being dumb, missing something obvious. Has eldritch strike been changed so that instead of doing more damage per missing mana, the monster’s damage is instead calculated by the total missing mana or something?