Recycling or stacking spells

Hi Zack,

Like every other players, I believe, I have a lot of spells that accumulate on my inventory, for various reasons :

  • Some I don’t find useful
  • Some don’t go well with my strategy
  • I don’t have enough space on my spell book to equip them all
  • Overall I think I gain scrolls faster than I can use them

What would you think about the possibility to either stack several scrolls of the same spell (via a ritual, for instance) or recycling scrolls like you transmute materials. You would then get other spells or turn them into a resource or another.

Personally I prefer the idea to recycle chosen scrolls into resources (crystal, brimstone, etc … or anything else).

What do you think ?

I agree that most items in general need a way to be recycled. That functionality is planned eventually, but in a way that allows you to progress in the game by “sacrificing” items such as scrolls.

I’m glad something is in the work. This game keeps improving for the better, that’s really nice.