Reduce enemy spawn/generation time with enemy levels in 100k's

Enemy generation with pandemonium tokens or on initially entering high level realms take about 40-45 seconds until player input. Timed with hypersensitivity on at normal realm 1004.

With the strife punishment there is a gap of about 2-3 seconds between when the resources are collected and player movement. (I assume that is the time to generate a new monster). Input is not registered during this gap period so I have to press E again after the 2-3 seconds have elapsed to close the resource reward screen.

I don’t think my stable has anything to do with this due to there being no delay between resource screen and returning to the map when strife is off.

There is no delay when fighting lv10 sigils at enemy level 350k+ gen 750k+.

Emptying my creature stable from 750 or so to about 560 did not seem to improve the load times by much. Nor did reducing runes held from 700 to 130. Or sigils from 250 to 120.

Could it be because I have over 500 creatures at lv20000+ in my stable?

Will the load times only get worse the deeper I go?
The load times in normal nether realms with hypersensitivity started becoming annoying at realm 800 or so.

There are several bugs that I’ve fixed for the upcoming patch (expansion) that likely cause this to happen. It’s almost definitely due to the Strife punishment.

Hopefully that takes care of the delay between the resource screen and when the player can move on the map with strife enabled.

However, with strife disabled

Normal realm 1008 with hypersensitivity took 45 seconds to load (lv816103,796007)

Strangely nether realm 1165 with hypersensitivity took roughly the same time of 45 seconds to load. (2.56M,626903)

Nether realm 1165 without hypersensitivity took 20 seconds to load. (320172,313452)

While normal realm 1008 without hypersensitivity took 10 seconds to load. (lv102013,99501)

I hope realm loading times at high levels can be reduced in the next major release.