Reforging Spell Gem stats

Some properties, like Chance to attack, come with a random value. First and foremost, I would love to know the range of the possible values. But by now, I have so much Dust that I am considering “reforging” some of the lower % chance values on my Spell Gems. However, I now have to tediously dis- and re-enchant the Gem.

Could we get a ‘Reforge’ option for this like for artifacts please? Whether or not you throw in a Dust discount is up to you :wink:

oh yeah - that’s a fine idea, I am with you.

There is an achievement for disenchanting properties off gems so any new Reforge command would have to count as both a disenchant and an enchant for achievements. I’m still all for that. It’s a huge pain to refine those properties to be the best they can be, or close to the best