Regarding Nether creatures :)

I wanted to know something about Nether creatures but couldn’t see any info posted on here regarding this.

Are there any limits to orbs? I read the library says “most” orbs are between 15-30 gems and I managed to find one at 27 gems. However is 30 the max you will ever get? Or can you find even rarer ones and they be extra special taking much more to create? I love this system and I hope the surprises can keep coming by one day finding an even more epic nether orb to work hard at.

The maximum is 30 right now, but we might see some better ones later on :slight_smile:

The highest I have found is 30 gems, 10 activations. More orb colors down the road would be interesting…

ah I see. I figured it would have been hard / really rare to find near max / max orbs at such an early stage lol.
Would be pretty cool if in the future orbs could come with bonus primary stats and allow for orb gem maxes to scale with rarity and technically there be no limit just a steep scale for how much rarer it is to find an orb with bonuses / higher gem maxes.

Something like Fierce (color) orb Gem max 38, Special bonus = +142 Health, +23 All defense (gets added to creature once born)
I think making orbs a limitless surprise would be amazing lol.

I don’t know why just when I seen 30 max kinda made me sad cause would be awesome to think there wasn’t actually a limit, just crazy hard odds the better the orbs get kinda thing. Hope I make sense ;D

Would totally be fun to work hard for a super special unique orb you just managed to find.