Regional pricing for Google Play Store

The game is 6 times more expensive than in Steam for my country. I really want to play the game on mobile but ₺180 (more expensive than RDR2) is too expensive for a mobile game which I bought on Steam for ₺30.

It looks like the game is 185 lira (Turkey) which translates to about $9.99 USD as intended. Maybe I’m missing something?

You are correct but publishers apply special prices in the countries with bad exchange rate like you did with Steam. This way games sell better in those countries. For example 1 person could buy Siralim Ultimate for ₺180 in Turkey, but if you apply regional pricing and make it ₺30, it may sell 20. Not everyone does this but it is usually a win-win situation. (Unless the platform you are selling the game can’t provide country-lock, so people from another countries don’t abuse it.)

I’m guessing this is the issue. It’s very easy to create an alternate Google account under a different country so that’s probably why Google Play doesn’t offer what you described with Steam. On Android, I simply specified the price in USD ($9.99) and they handled converting it to other currencies. Probably not much I can do past that, unfortunately.

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Thank you for considering.