Reincarnation : Game Mode Review?

I am new to the game – playing since the Steam release, but loving the game! (Game is easily worth more than $10)

Thus far, I have been playing with default game settings. However, some of the alternative settings/modes seem quite interesting. (In particular, I would love to try randomized creatures at some point, but I think I need some more experience with the game before I experiment with creature randomization.)

I have played around a little bit with the Reincarnation setting and it seems a bit odd. Early game, with Reincarnation, it seems like to get the creatures that I want, instead of extracting cores, I instead kill off a level 1 creature repeatedly until he Reincarnates as the creature type that I want. (This isn’t good or bad, just different.)

However, I am curious what more experienced players think of Reincarnation as the game goes on? Is it fun? frustrating? strange? Also, I am not sure how the Reincarnation mechanic works with Nether creatures? Does playing in Reincarnation mode mean that protecting your Nether creatures (or resurrecting them in battle) because a vital part of the game?

I appreciate any thoughts/reviews that you might have.

I probably can’t do a good job at answering whether it’s fun or not since I don’t play the game on this mode regularly. But to answer your question about Nether Creatures: currently, if a Nether Creature dies in reincarnation mode, it turns into a regular creature. In the next patch, that will not be the case and your dead creature will maintain its Nether Creature bonuses.

I’m not fond of Reincarnation mode, because there are a lot of effects that can kill you instantly in this game. I’ve had two seperate Reincarnation files, and I ended one after my Brim Smith oneshot my entire team due to the Life Realm Linking all creatures on the field together (9 attack enchants + Proficiency enchant = axenuke). The other I gave up on when I finally got my first Nether, a Stronghold, and thought I would never have to deal with random death again, only to lose him when a Skeleton Sniper instantly killed him, and I didn’t have any ressurect scrolls on hand.

The game is not designed for permadeath, and while you can take it on as a challenge, it distinctly hems you into a hyperaggro playstyle where your first priority is not putting royalty points in Spoils or Duties or Rituals, but expanding your spellbook and farming Sorcery until you have Dispel and Ressurect scrolls always handy for any battle. I suspect even that build would face serious issues when Flaring Efreet enters the field, and your overkill Smiths would begin to have a 30% chance of instantly killing themselves due to the damage reflect.

I will acknowledge, however, that I’m the kind of guy that can’t play RTS whatsoever because I categorically refuse to sacrifice units, so maybe that’s just my natural reluctance showing.

I find I always have one creature get stuck in “reincarnation hell” where every enemy ALWAYS targets it, then it dies, turns into something worse and loses several levels ad infinitum… does playing with Permadeath remove that frustration factor?

Permadeath mode is definitely less frustrating than Reincarnation, but losing 20 hours’ worth of data to a spontaneous Chaotic Beasts Attack that you can’t run from (thus making the 10 ranks you put in Flee Chance worthless) probably makes up for it.