Relative newbie

Hello all! Texas checking in. I’m about 100hrs played atm, and feel relatively new.

Restarted twice (started first time @ HC what a mistake!), and sitting at about Realm 50. I feel I’m doing it the hard way though, as my teams are usually stats/ability based, and slowly converting to debuffs/abilities based.

What I’ve found is that restricting to 3 realm types (Life, Chaos, Sorcery) has progressed my start up time considerably. None of the other realms offer significant benefits to unlock. Same with monster tiers - there’s not a big draw to unlocking them unless I need a creature from it. And even if I do, I can utilize the merchant to unlock some odd cores prior to unlocking monster tiers.

The only true complaint I have is the scaling. Scaling is fine, but scaling immediately at Realm 1 feels like the higher my creatures are, the tougher the game gets… at Realm 1. I wish there was a level cap on lower realms so I could farm early. Say… enemy level capped at (Realm lv x 10). Without Granite Gargoyle, I don’t think it would have been remotely possible to keep up with resource needs.

Spells are… meh. But I’m hyped about S2’s system. S2 will be a day 1 purchase for me as soon as it’s out on PS4.

Thanks Zack for making an awesome game and supporting it heavily!

Sounds like your getting the hang of it. :wink:
The nether and nether demons really change the game.When you can get a full pt of even nethers breezing by the 1st 50 floors is pretty easy.Try to keep your nether creatures close in lvl.I use dungeon instead of life in my line up.You can get good wpns with life realm and faster rituals. Dungeon just has cores and Duty tickets.Life is a good pick!The game has some other scaling issues like spell power of your enemies being based on your own spell power.It can be very cruel.I pumped my spell power up once…I learned fast it was a bad idea got got hit for 3 trillion from a spell on realm lvl3 and lost my whole pt.I had it at 200…giving me a bonus 1000% to spell power.I respeced into it after a run and did it to play around and see if it would be effective to 1 shot everything with AoE spells.It was effective,however it did make nemy spells 1000% stronger as well :’(

Does Dungeon have non-standard or non-unlocked cores available?

I was entirely unimpressed with any of the other realms. Life/Chaos/Sorcery are the only ones that matter to me, and solely because of their bonus doodads on the map.

As for tickets, I usually have plenty. Maxed Duty Rewards, and the loot is just a meh bonus in my eyes. The XP + Royalty Point are what I’m after on them. Usually, I complete or mostly complete a Duty Reward by the time I locate the next level portal, so I rarely use tickets.

Golden Tickets are another matter, but that’s only for the bonus chests.